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Kimber Kable Select KS 6063 Speaker Cable

2 Reviews
$4,500.00 to $8,700.00
SKU: KK-KS6063

The Select Series

"A painstaking precision product for an exacting application." These were the words on the very first Kimber Kable brochure and they ring true to this day. Thee exacting application is the highest level of music reproduction in your space. We were not satisfied with bringing the experience to your home, we wanted a product that was capable of taking you to the performance.
  • VariStrand Copper
  • Solid Core Copper Conductors
  • X38R Central Core
  • Pigment-Free Dielectric
  • Multi-layered Matrix Geometry
  • WBT nextgen Connectors
  • WBT Connector Options
  • WBT-0645Ce compliant angled bananas (4mm)
  • WBT-0610Cu Nextgen CE copper angled bananas (4mm)
  • WBT-0661Cu copper sandwich spades (6mm)
  • WBT-0681Cu 5/16" copper sandwich spades (6mm)
  • 0610Ag-WBT® nextgen CE silver angled banana 4mm*
  • 0661Ag-WBT® 1/4" (6mm) silver sandwich spades.*
  • 0681Ag-WBT® 5/16" (8mm) silver sandwich spades.*
  • *Topline (Ag) Connectors add $400. Please call to order.

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    one of the BEST cables...

    andu lemman


    My little review for Kimber Select 6063. First listening i realize... this is serious kable. The transparency of 6063 is amazing, the sound adding a musically satisfying fullness to all recordings, unusually sweet and smooth tonal balance! The level of detail in the music is unbelievable. The sound stage is huge i can't believe what I'm hearing... The bass is full and more alive, the 6063 add a bass punch pure magic !!! The mid range is sweet as honey, the vocals are in my room. High frequency... I don't want to right anymore, i want hear music!!! With the Kimber Select 6063 speakers cables in my system the cycle was finally complete. Power cords Kimber pk 10 gold, interconnects Kimber Select 1016 & ks 1026. The 6063 is 3-4 times better than ks 3033...