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LAST #2 Record Preservative 2 oz

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Preserve Those Precious Records

LAST Record Preservative has been universally applauded by the super-critical reviewers and editors of audio publications. New records treated with LAST Record Preservative and kept clean can be played 100s of times without discernible wear--allowing them to be in pristine condition for future generations. LAST Record Preservative chemically enhances the molecular stability, and therefore the cohesiveness of the groove surface so that it completely resists the damaging effects of stylus shock waves. The 30-second treatment affects the vinyl to a depth of about ten molecular layers and becomes part of the grove wall. There are no surface residues that can be picked up by the stylus. In fact, overuse is harmless.

Package includes a 2 oz bottle with 2 applicators.

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I cannot say what will happen with the LAST treated records after 200 plays but after 20 plays of used records with unknown history they sound exactly the same. Just make sure you clean the records before applying it. As an unexpected bonus, treated records sound slightly better than untreated, regardless of the pressing. This product has a high reputation among many audiophiles who have LAST treated records played 100 and more times. Walter Davis, LAST owner and chief chemist, is really great to talk to.



Having been introduced to LAST products by a family member some years ago, it has been a regular fixture in my equipment. The preservative works as advertised-no gimmicks or snake oil here. I treat every album with LAST before it hits the platter, especially new records. This preservative will work on any album out there-33's, 45's, 78's, shellac records, Mobile Fidelity half-speed masters-you name it! I recommend this product to ANYONE who has a record collection. Each 2oz bottle treats anywhere from 40-60 albums, depending on how heavily you use it. Sure it's expensive for how much you get, but all things considered, 60 albums is ALOT!

Start using this now!


I purchased this product in the hopes that my records would last as long or longer than me. Time will tell...As a rule I always run a brush over my records before and after each play. I'm happy to notice that since using this Last record preservative it seems my records don't pick up any new surface noise! It's as if they now are somehow resistant to dust particles in the air..I don't know. This is a great product to use whether you're trying to preserve your vinyl or want quieter sound in the immediate future! It's some extra work sure, but isn't that part of the fun?