LAST 4/5 Combo Kit

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Treat the Stylus Right

4-5 Combo Kit includes 1 Last 1/4 oz bottle Stylus Cleaner, and 1 Last 1/4 oz bottle Stylast Stylus Treatment.

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Gary P.


Just as good as the LAST Record Preservative, the Stylast treatment works great at reducing friction as the needle passes through the grooves-which also lowers the hiss normally associated with listening to a record. It simply fills, and coats, the needle to help it glide better through the grooves. I have owned the same stylus for 25 years now (bought it new), and it has still not worn out-which is about 3,000 hours for me-in fact, it still looks new under a microscope! The stylus cleaner works extremely well. I have had no issues using it, and because both #4 & #5 (the products reviewed here), use such a small amount, the two bottles will last you a REALLY long time (I've had mine for 20 years now, and have only used 1/3 out of each). Application of the Stylast is simple. Using the self provided brush, you just gently give the needle one gentle stroke-rear to front, and you're ready to go. Same deal for the stylus cleaner. One application of Stylast is sufficient for playing one side of an album, so you need to treat the needle twice if you're going to play the whole album. Best stuff ever, it has never led me wrong. I figure that if the guys from Stereophile (the people who hate everything until proven otherwise! :) ) endorse it, then it is something worth using.