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London Decca Super Gold Phono Cartridge

5 Reviews

Special order item. Call for information.

Other cartridges (both moving coil and moving magnet) have styli mounted on the long end of a thin tube (cantilever) which works like a lopsided "see-saw." The short end of the cantilever attaches to either a coil of wire or a magnet. At the fulcrum point, a flexible "rubbery" sleeve functions as a pivot, allowing the stylus/cantilever assembly to respond to the "wiggles" in the LP groove. Because the front section of the cantilever, which holds the stylus, is much longer than the rear section that is attached to the coil or magnet, a large movement of the stylus is transformed to a smaller movement at the coil or magnet, possibly causing cantilever-design cartridges to sound dynamically compressed and lacking in transient attack. London Decca's engineers advise that this problem with dynamics and transients is compounded by the cantilever's "rubbery" fulcrum point which tends to absorb a significant amount of the stylus-generated motion before it can reach the coil/magnet electrical generator assembly. Also, a smearing of the sound is said to occur, which many folks refer to as "cantilever haze."

The Super Gold has no long cantilever and no "rubbery" fulcrum point to absorb, dissipate and smear the vital musical energy. Instead, the stylus is attached directly to a magnetically active metal support just a few microns thick (armature) which passes through the center of the main generating coil positioned only about 1 millimeter above the stylus! The stylus motion is not inverted or "transformed" to a smaller value, as in long cantilever designs. Flowing from this immediate positive-direct scanning of the groove is a breathtaking, lifelike quality. The listener tends to feel that the performing artists are actually in the same room, with a startling, palpable presence.

The Super Gold uses line-contact, polished, grain-oriented diamond stylus similar to the Jubilee's, mated to less costly generator coils and housing. If you have never heard the $2875 London Decca Jubilee, you may well think the Super Gold is the world's best cartridge! Subjectively, it offers 90% of Jubilee's unrivaled musical realism.

Hifi World Review of London Decca Super Gold

"Sound was glorious, with superb image placement, powerful bass and detail retrieval of the highest order... the finest cartridge I've heard in my 40 years in the industry."
  • Stylus: extended line-contact
  • Frequency range: 20Hz to 40kHz
  • Output: 5mV
  • VTF: 1.8g
  • Weight: 6.7g
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    Chris A Kemp


    The most dynamic and realistic cartridge I have ever heard. No more MCs for me. I have just been Deccafied! You need a good Riaa and a good tonearm. With my fully modified Technics SL-1210M5G with the Isokinetik Silver Melody SM750 tonearm, the Super Gold with Decca Pod is my new reference. My ProAc Response D25 are alive.



    Had my Decca Super Gold with DeccaPod for two days now. Wow, what a sound. I can compare to Ortofon Rondo Red, Denon DL-103, Denon DL-103R, Ortofon 2M Bronze and Ortofon 2M Black (that I still have). But none of the above can compare to the wide open midrange and the dynamics of this Decca. But it doesnt only have dynamics. It also have an airy, wide and deep soundstage. The upper freq make all instruments sound very real. Tight deep bass. But the realism of male and female singers are scary! I'm Deccafied!



    High detail on voices like the Maroon model, except deeper soundstage. Overall, faster than expected. Don E. Golis

    very nice cart


    This cartridge sounds amazing. I'm not sure if it gets any better than having it sound like Led Zeppelin's playing in the room with you, but that's what it sounds like. So clear and sharp. Very impressed. Not inexpensive, but a real value relative to some if the other options. I'm very happy with it.

    Truly An Amazing Cartridge


    For all the horror stories about "a glimpse of heaven from the pits of hell", I have never had a cartridge that was less troublesome to mount and get right. I used a Yamamoto "African Black Wood" headshell, ordered the Super Gold with the Decca Pod installed (recommended) , mounted it straight in the headshell with 66/32nds of an inch stylus-to-collar distance (very close to 52 mm) and tried it. The sound was the most life-like I've yet heard. There was no wondering if I'd gotten the alignment right, because everything sounded so natural. I was kind of expecting a sense of exaggerated dynamics and overwhelming slam, but instead I heard...natural. In this respect the Decca is a lot like my Quads.

    I think the British had this transducer business figured out 50 years ago!

    Uncanny separation and imaging, revelatory micro-dynamics. Better than any MC I've ever had.

    Con: May hum in some DD tables, but not my Technics SP-25.