Lyra Delos Retip

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Lyra Delos Retip Exchange

Any Lyra cartridge, working or not, can be used as a trade toward a new Lyra at a discounted rate.

1) After placing an order for a Lyra cartridge from the Needle Doctor's online store, a return authorization number will be generated and emailed to you in the following 1-2 business days.

2) Needle Doctor will process your order immediately and ship your new cartridge.

3). Send your cartridge to us. Please write your Return Authorization number on the outside of box.

4). You will be given a two week grace period to send us your old cartridge, after which point we are authorized to bill you the full retail value of the new cartridge.

  • Designer : Jonathan Carr
  • Builder : Yoshinori Mishima (final build, testing), Akiko Ishiyama (primary build)
  • Type : Medium weight, medium compliance, low-impedance moving coil cartridge
  • Frequency range : 10Hz - 50kHz
  • Channel separation : 30dB or better at 1kHz
  • Cantilever system : Solid boron rod with Namiki microridge line-contact stylu (2.5um x 75um) and one-point suspension, directly mounted to cartridge body
  • Coil : 6N high-purity copper, 8.2ohms internal impedance, 9.5uH inductance
  • Output voltage : 0.6mV@5cm/sec. (CBS test record, other test records may alter results)
  • Compliance : Approx. 12 x 10 cm/dyne at 100Hz
  • Vertical tracking angle : 20 degrees
  • Cartridge body : One-piece machining from solid aluminum billet
  • Recommended tracking force : 1.7g - 1.8g (1.75g preferred)
  • Recommended load directly into MC phono input : 91ohms - 47kohm (determine by listening, or follow detailed guidelines above)
  • Recommended load via step-up transformer : 5 - 15ohm (step-up transformer's output must be connected to 47kohm MM-level RIAA input)
  • Recommended tonearm : High-quality pivoted or linear (tangential) tone arm with rigid bearing(s), adjustable anti-skating force, preferably VTA adjustment
  • Features

  • Ogura-made cantilever/coil/diamond stylus assembly
  • Boron rod cantilever and original Lyra line-contact stylus
  • Body machined from a single billet of aluminum alloy then hard anodized for superior rigidity
  • Entirely hand-made and "voiced" by Yoshinori Mishima for consistency and performance
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