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Lyra Kleos SL Limited Edition Phono Cartridge

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The Kleos SL

*This is the low-output (.25mV) version of the Kleos. Available for special-order. Please call for details.

Although many MC cartridges have good performance, their sound is held back by how they are designed. The problem is, the signal coils should have the same angle as the magnetic circuit during playback, but MC cartridges are typically designed so that the opposite happens - applying normal tracking force pushes the coils out of alignment. This impairs coil sensitivity and linearity, and reduces sound quality.

Lyra's "New Angle" technology solves this fundamental problem by compensating for how the signal coils are affected by vertical tracking forces, and optimally aligning the coils when it matters most - during playback. Introduced on our entry-level Delos, the New Angle technology enables the Delos to perform well above its price point.

On mono records, the vertical axis of the groove contains no musical information, but it will frequently have noise, in the form of groove damage and dirt. The Kleos Mono has therefore been designed to be completely insensitive to the vertical axis, which greatly improves the signal/noise ratio without any downside on monaural records.

The coil former is a square permeable plate oriented parallel to the record surface rather than the 45-degree angle used for most stereo cartridges, while the coils are wound so that they only generate a signal when there is horizontal movement of the stylus and cantilever when tracking a record.

Two totally separate monaural coils are used in the Kleos Mono, since most monaural cartridges are used with stereo amplifiers and stereo speakers. The separate coils also help avoid possible ground loops and hum problems that could otherwise be caused if a single coil is fed into a stereo two-channel amplification system, thereby tying the two channels together electrically.
  • Type: Medium weight, medium compliance, low-impedance moving coil cartridge
  • Frequency range: 10Hz~50kHz
  • Channel separation: 35dB or better at 1kHz
  • Cantilever system: Solid boron rod with Lyra - designed long-footprint line-contact stylus (3μmx70μm, slot-mounted) and one-point suspension, directly mounted to cartridge body
  • Coil: 6 -N high-purity copper, 2.7ohms internal impedance
  • Output voltage: 0.25mV@5cm/sec. (CBS test record, other test records may alter results)
  • Compliance: Approx. 12×10 cm/dyne at 100Hz
  • Vertical tracking angle: 20 degrees
  • Cartridge body: One-piece machining from solid 7075 alloy billet, with focussed-pressure headshell contact area, and resonance-controlling mechanism
  • Cartridge weight (without stylus cover): 8.8g
  • Recommended tracking force: 1.7~1.8g (1.75g preferred)
  • Recommended load directly into MC phono input: 86.6ohms~47kohm (determine by listening, or follow detailed guidelines above)
  • Recommended load via step-up transformer: 5~15ohm (step-up transformer's output must be connected to 47kohm MM-level RIAA input)
  • Recommended tonearm: High-quality pivoted or linear (tangential) tone arm with precision bearing(s), adjustable anti-skating force, preferably VTA adjustment
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