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Marantz CD5005 CD Player

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Handles all your favorite music discs

The CD5005 plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs – even those containing MP3 and WMA music files – in addition to CD-standard PCM tracks.

CD Text Capability

Not only will the CD5005 read CD Text data from encoded discs, it will also display tagged MP3 and WMA data to help identify the disc and its contents more accurately.

Cirrus Logic CS4392 D/A Converters

This SACD-quality D/A converter features ideal linearity, no distortion due to resistor matching errors, no performance drift over time and temperature, and high tolerance to excessive clock jitter (time-domain irregularities) sometimes produced by other digital stages. In other words, the CS 4392 offers spectacular sound quality that remains constant regardless of its environment. The CD5005 brings this superb performance within the reach of almost everyone.

Audiophile-grade Analog Audio Circuits

Symmetrical Signal Paths: The CD5005’s circuits have stereo signal paths that are short and direct as well as being virtually reverse-mirrors of each other. This approach improves stereo imaging significantly.

HDAM®-SA2: A Marantz exclusive for high performance audio Marantz’s proprietary Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules, originally developed for Marantz Reference Series components, outperform conventional op amps (operational amplifiers) in both response speed and reduced noise level. They result in a more dynamic, accurate, and detailed sound. The CD5002 uses the HDAM-SA2 version.

Sophisticated Aluminum/Glass-reinforced resin front panel

The front panel’s central aluminum portion shields internal circuitry. The glass-reinforced resin adds cosmetic appeal as it can be easily and precisely molded. In addition, this advanced material adds increased impact resistance and vibration isolation, higher rigidity, and heat resistance.

Current-buffered headphone output

The CD5005’s current buffer design isolates the disc player’s analog output stage from the headphone amplifier itself. It thus prevents the headphone amp from “loading” the output stage and interfering with optimal operation. Marantz’s current buffer design exhibits near-perfect linearity regardless of signal amplitude. In addition, the output response is instantaneous regardless of the input signal’s speed.

Variable pitch control and Quick Replay Function

Here’s the ideal solution for any aspiring musician who’s trying to emulate a favorite track. Rather than retune an instrument, simply raise or lower the pitch of the CD itself by up to 12% in 1% steps.

What did your favorite artist just do? Find out by pushing the remote’s “Q Replay” button to repeat the last 10 seconds of the current track. Push it twice to repeat the last 20 seconds and so on for up to 60 seconds of Quick Replay.

Audio EX mode

Audio EX lets you bypass the CD5005 convenience features like pitch control, digital outputs and display to give you super-quiet performance.

Gold plated output, coaxial and optical digital outputs

In addition to adding a touch of elegance, gold plating reduces corrosion and enhances the connector’s conductivity.

IR Flasher input

Connect the CD5005 to other components in your home entertainment system and enjoy system-wide remote control capability. Or slide the switch to “Internal” to use the remote controller supplied with your CD5005.

IEC320 (2 pin) type AC input with Detachable Power Cord

The CD5004 uses the industry-standard IEC connector for positive connection to your AC line and long-term reliability.

The detachable AC cord allows much simpler connection to your AC source, especially when you’ve placed your CD5005 in a cabinet or other limited access area.

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I am still new to the world of hifi, so understandably I was completely unprepared for the difference in sound quality between this and my "pawn shop special" blu-ray player. If you've been using a cheap DVD player like I have for your CD playback and assumed that digital was "just digital" and it shouldn't matter, think again!

Marcel Ramedies


At the price this CD player is a steal and worth every cent. Stunning good looks and sounds as good as it looks. It gives music an unusual and refreshing treatment which made me want to sit up all night listening to my entire music collection when I bought it. Partnered with a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 receiver, Mission MV8 speakers and QED Performance Audio interconnects, it's hard for me switch off. Fantastic performer!