Milty Zerostat Gun

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Operation is simple: point the gun at the object you want de-staticised and SLOWLY pull the trigger. If you hear any "clicks" you've pulled it too fast. Whatever you do, DON'T press the "muzzle" against any part of your body and squeeze the trigger. It really hurts!

This amazing little device known as the Zerostat Antistatic Gun is an antistatic "generator" which has numerous applications in any microscopy laboratory. Just squeeze the "trigger" of the Zerostat and a steady stream of ions is released. The "magic" comes from two powerful piezoelectric crystals and a patented compression trigger. Originally developed for removing dust from "vinyl" or before that, normal "phonograph records", in later years the Zerostat antistatic gun was discovered to have great applicability for use in a photographic darkroom to remove dust from film and negatives. After that, a wider range of applications came into being when people running SEM labs found out that it was also idea for eliminating dust from critical samples or other critical surfaces when the dust attraction was being caused by electrostatic charge. Others have reported that certain insulating specimens, when treated this way, can actually be viewed (admittedly briefly) by SEM without the need to apply further coating.

In the laboratory, the Zerostat keeps film, glass, plasticware, and lenses dust and lint free. It also prevents charged particles from flying during weighting or transfer of particles. And the Zerostat gun finds wide use among those who possess and maintain phonograph record collections.

Each Zerostat unit is shipped with complete Use Instructions and also, information about a special "Test Procedure" to validate that the unit is working properly.

How it Works

Each Zerostat unit has a "two cycle" type of operation, when the trigger is squeezed, positive ions are generated and when the trigger is relaxed, negative ions flow. This means that it is possible to induce a charge on a neutral surface using the Zerostat. If the trigger is squeezed, and the Zerostat is then removed from the surface (and before allowing the trigger to return to its original position), a positive charge will be induced. Similarly, pointing the Zerostat at the surface only for the release of the trigger will induce a negative charge.

How much charge is given off?

Each squeeze of the trigger results in a discharge, when stated in units of charge, is 1.5 Coulumbs.

How long will it last?

One can reasonably expect on the order of 10,000 such "squeeze cycles" during the lifetime of the Zerostat unit. The Zerostat needs no batteries or electrical supply nor does it contain any radioactive components.

Where can it be used?

The Zerostat gun, theory, will work in any atmosphere, but we would add great caution before using it with or in proximity to flammable or combustible gases/liquids.

Spare parts:

The Zerostat 3 is designed to be a disposable (throw-away) product. It is not built to be taken apart and there are not replacement parts.

What does it weigh?

The net weight of the Zerostat gun is 135g (0.297 lbs) The unit is highly portable and easy to control and handle.

Give it a shot!

The Zerostats charging element should last many years, and its construction is rugged enough to survive any abuse.

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I've had a red ZStat since 1981. I think I paid $30 for it and the danged thing just keeps working. Does it do what they advertise? Absolutely. Does it improve your audio? Absolutely because there's less dust and no static on the LP interacting with a moving stylus. Mine was made by DiscWasher but now Milty is the company. Given that I paid somewhere around $30 in 81, $100 today isn't THAT far out of whack for a fairly esoteric kind of accessory. But if you plan on keeping your LPs for a long time, it will help their long life be a happier long life. GET ONE IF YOU LOVE YOUR LPs.



My advice to folks just breaking into the abyss of hi-fi nonsense would be to add a Zerostat gun to your gear ASAP. If your cartridge is the first $100 upgrade you make, the Zerostat should be the second (and you can get them cheaper on eBay if you're patient, which you should be if you're in this game). There's a lot of doodads in hi-fi that (allegedly) improve the experience for a trained-ear, but even a novice can hear how this doodad reduces unwanted static effects. Highly recommended.



Very effective when dealing with barking dogs

W. Osborne


The Zerostat 3 works. No doubt You can tell the difference even with records having minor scratches.

80's Live here


I have been using the same Zerostat since 1985 and it's still going strong. Really one of the best investments in listening pleasure.



I've had my Red Zerostat since Sep 1979. Along with my Yamaha YP-B4 turntable. And both work great. Changed the belt twice and needle once. But the Zerostat gun is the one reason my LP's still play as well as they do. But I sure didn't pay $100 for it.

Ian Z


The gun definitely does work when used as directed, but I will add that it can take a good bit of patience to use it properly. You definitely have to squeeze the trigger very slowly and be at the proper range for this to work. It should go hand in hand with a good cleaning procedure to help eliminate static from your LPs.



The Zerostat gun is one of the best items ever it definitely eliminates the static to give you the best clear sound possible from all your lps,say goodbye to those annoying pops and clicks and shocks with this great little unit,if i did not have this i would not even bother to own an lp collection anymore ,if you love listening to lps then i highly recommend this item and do not forget that those lousy dust cloths leave light marks on your lps through contact,this has no contact so you've no fear of scratching your lps unlike those tacky dust cloths,throw away that old dust cloth and use this on your lps instead.



This device has been around forever and when it is used correctly it works as advertised. More than demagnetising the LP, it also reduces static in a dust cover. For thous who must use a dust cover closed while playing static electricity can play hob with tracking force. This device makes that a non-issue. It is especially useful in Winter in the dry overheated homes of the US.

If you listen to vinyl, this is a must!


Have had an original ZS, made in England, and distributed by the old Discwasher since 1981, it is a life saver. I did lose my little light bulb to check it with, but it's still working. Great product! Just remember not to have any tapes or anything around it that can be demagnatized when using.
Get one, you won't regret it!

An essential piece of gear if you live in the snow belt.


long winters in the upper Midwest require good heating/humidifiers and zero stat. Works like a charm. I use it every time I play a record. Makes a discernable difference. Its not bs and its a well made product.