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Mobile Fidelity 16oz One Record Cleaning Solution

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Mobile Fidelity One Record Cleaning Fluid

For record collectors who don’t use a vacuum cleaning system, there is now a unique product that is perfect for cleaning vinyl. Rather than using our exclusive triple-distilled water as a base, we have produced a formulation that contains a base of quick-drying alcohol. Our intention was to make a cleaner that dissolves particulate matter and evaporates, taking the residue with it, eliminating the need for a secondary stage of rinsing.

Users will hear a reduction in noise and quieter, blacker backgrounds, allowing a greater dynamic range. Instruments jump out, revealing more air in the recording, bringing the listener closer to the music. The best part is that by using One Cleaning Fluid, audiophiles will be maintaining their valuable investment in vinyl.

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Ed Wong


After applying a drop of this product into each track of any LP and clean it with a decent record brush before playing, you can hear the background noise is much quieter whilst listening to the music. In addition, you can feel that the soundstage is much wider and deeper with 3D imaging as well as the emotion and feeling of the singer whilst singing. Other than that, music has more rhythm, details and texture. Highly recomended and value for money.