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The Easiest Alignment Tool to Use

Let's face it...mounting and aligning phono cartridges can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. Not with the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab GEODISC! Finally available again after too long an absence, this cartridge alignment device is simple to use and extremely accurate. Just fit the disc on your platter and align using the simple printed graph based on the Baerwald alignment curve. You will never realize the full potential of your cartridge without the proper set-up tool.

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The Geo-Disc is better than sliced bread. So simple to use and amazingly effective. The tone arm drops down and slowly finds the grove and doesn't "jump" inward rapidly towards the first track like many tonearms that do. Inner grove distortion and sibilance are a thing of the past. Usually the last track on the side is a bit lower in output compared to the first track. Not so with the Geo-Disc. It takes care of that too! You got to get the Geo-Disc. You are stealing it for only $50.00. Happy Listening!

Peter P Wilson


This must be doing something very right, since the results I get with elliptical styli are perfectly consistent, with no distortion audible from lateral tracking error across the disc surface. I have never encountered an arm / cart combination that has not zeroed in perfectly with this device.



Simple to use. Strait forward directions printed right on the disk. If you havr trouble sighting down the black line, use some liquid white out and paint it white worked like a charm. Just rember to use painters tape to secure the disk and platter from rotating after you sight it in. Start to finish installing a new cart. 10-15 minutes. No guess work.



very easy to use and confrmed results with another tool. this MoFo accessory has a bigger sightline aiding overall in the ease of use.



Have used the GeoDisc for 15yrs with success. Works great with Rega arms and others that have an easy to see pivot point which is necessary for optimum results. Tried several flimsy paper and cardboard alignment guages with disappointing results for years before I broke down and bought the GeoDisc. Get one! You won't be sorry.



Best, easiest eway to align your tonearm/needle. Really easy, just be sure to get a small level too.

Makes perfect alignment almost too easy


I don't change cartridges very often so its easy to forget what to do, and a lot of other methods make it seem very complicated. With the Geo-Disc you tape the platter, align the Geo-Disc and then tape it too, then simply match your cartridge with the stylus perfectly centered on the spot and the body parallel with the alignment marks on the Geo-Disc. That's all there is to it! The Geo-Disc is as thick as a 180g record, so if you also set your VTF and VTA at the same time then everything will be absolutely perfect in one shot. A Q-tip laid crosswise in the right spot will support the cartridge and allow you to place the stylus with microscopic precision with hardly even having to touch down until the final check. But even without this trick perfect alignment is super easy with the Geo-Disc.