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Mobile Fidelity LP #9 Stylus Cleaner

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Analog Rule #1: For the biggest improvement, always start at the source. Introducing LP #9, a revolutionary stylus cleaner and lubricant from the manufacturer of Vinyl Wash and Deep Cleaner.

LP #9 is the easiest way to improve your analog playback system, providing smoother grain-free sound and increased stylus life while reducing record wear. LP #9 is both a stylus cleaner and a stylus preservative in one bottle. At $25 per half-ounce, it will last a long time. It's a great deal for any analog lover. A cleaning brush is included.

Use LP #9 stylus cleaner prior to every record play.

Needle Dr reviews the Mobile Fidelity LP9 stylus cleaner

We like to keep a Mobile Fidelity LP9 stylus cleaner right next to the record player at all times. It's an exceptional cleaner for the price, and does a great job on just about any stylus out there. To use, simply dampen the bristle brush with the 'nail polish' brush supplied with the cleaner, and with a gentle back-to-front motion, swap the stylus. The diamond will be cleaned, improving sound quality and tracking ability. A stylus cleaner is a must-have for any vinyl collector, and the Mobile Fidelity LP9 is a wonderful option.

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Cal N


This is a great product, I cleaned my B&O MMC2 for the first time last night and it did a great job. I am hearing a clarity and depth that I didn't know was possible. I highly recommend this product.

John F O'C


Takes the hassle out of keeping a clean stylus from side to side. The little instruction sheet is puzzling, though. Written in a very clumsy way, it makes the simple procedure seem more complicated than it really is. Bottom line, LP#9 is great stuff and considering how little is being used, the bottle should last a long time--a great value!

Edward Wong


This little product is very fabulous. By applying a small drop of fluid into the supplied brush and clean the cartridge tip from back to front before playing any record except from those manufactured in Australia, music is easily transformed into Mobile Fidelity warm sound and very smooth American rythm very vividly as well as wider, deeper and 3D soundstage. Higly recommended to any audiophile who loves playing record all the time.



I have recently purchased my first bottle of LP#9, and I love it, previously I used a cheap cleaner that cost me $8. I noticed an instant difference to the sound quality of my vinyl after using this once.

Billy Z


I have used LP#9 on my Lyra Helikon for 10 years. Every side before and after. Great stuff, My Helikon is still going strong, Highly recommended . I just got a new bottle because even though my first one still had 1/4 bottle left, it had become cloudy from all the smutz it had removed over the years. A bottle will love you long time.