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6 Reviews


Mobile Fidelity Record Brush

An affordable brush for keeping all of your irreplaceable records clean! Easy to use, and easy to clean, it gets really deep into the grooves and removes the dirt. The key to its great vinyl cleaning is found in Mobile Fidelity’s proprietary cleaning pad and ergonomic brush handle.

This multi-purpose brush can be used as a wet-cleaning brush, or as a dry record brush. One cleaning pad will clean hundreds of LPs. For best results, we recommend the use of a single step record cleaning fluid like one of the Mobile Fidelity fluids.

The pad can be cleaned with an unused toothbrush, or once it is heavily soiled, completely replaced.

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews

Jim VD


It's a great brush. Best dry brush I've ever used. Works great dry. You'll be amazed how much dirt it picks up even on a clean looking LP.

Andrew Ballew


GREAT brush when used with a MoFi cleaning solution! Best sound post clean I have ever had with a cleaning solution. My LP's sound better than ever. I was quite taken aback at the difference!!



The pad came loose from the adhesive the first time I used it with a cleaning solution. Works pretty well dry.

P Noblett


When I buy records used, I take them home and clean them with this brush and an ammonia/RO water mix of my own creation. This brush can scrub down into the grooves quite welll. I use a second one with clean water for rinse. Works pretty well., at least until I buy a Cleaning Machine.

No better than any other brush


Meh...no better or worse than any other brushes, even the cheap ones. Even cheap & FREE brushes I've had are just as good as this one. Definitely not to best as it claims to be, but as effective as any of the others I suppose. I do have to say I was expecting more based on everything I've heard, but it's just another brush. Nothing special.

I was wrong; great brush!


I had written a review before saying this brush wasn't all that great; no better than any other brush out there. But after using it for about a week or so now, I have to say this is an excellent brush. I use it for wet cleaning with L'art du Son & a DIY vacuum machine I made myself. Works great!