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Mobile Fidelity Original Masters Sleeves 50 pk

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The Best Inners Sleeves in the World!

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) rice paper inner sleeves are often regarded as the best inner sleeves in the world.

MoFi Original Master Sleeves help preserve your most prized recordings. These custom-designed inner sleeves protect against scratching, static build-up and contamination; all common problems associated with regular sleeves of all types. These sleeves will guarantee they last a lifetime.

These imported, three-ply, anti-static, premium record sleeves have been used in Mobil Fidelity Sound Labs LP packaging for decades. Now, get this same top quality sleeve for the rest of your collection!

These are imported, three-ply, anti-static, premium sleeves (similar to rice paper) and work with both LPs and laser discs. Back construction consists of a paper layer sandwiched between two sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a translucent HDPE front.

Needle Dr reviews the MOFI Original Masters inner sleeves

Collecting vinyl is a hobby that can lead you to the craziest of places. Antique stores, book shops, and yard sales are all places to find some of the best music out there. The downfall of finding hidden vinyl gems is often times the record sleeves. Scratchy paper, wrinkly plastic, or having no sleeve at all can be detrimental to the record, so having some nice inner sleeves on hand is always a good idea. There's no question that the Mobile Fidelity Original Master inner sleeves are the best on the market. They're safe, and protect the integrity of the vinyl more than any other sleeve out there. Highly recommended.

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Alex W


The records that I put into these sleeves some years back come out pristine, whereas those stored in regular sleeves have gotten dusty. These are a great investment for any vinyl collector. If you value your records, put them in these sleeves!



While I agree that the sleeve is without question the best for your vinyl, they are not stiff enough to easily go into the cardboard jacket. Have had many of these ruined because they get snagged inside the jacket, and am routinely frustrated putting records away. If they added a stiff paper backing, these would be flawless.

John F O'C


Simply a superior product. I've used many other supposedly "audiophile" sleeves and they just don't measure up to the quality of these Mobile Fidelity sleeves. $20 for 50 sleeves! That's just 40 cents per sleeve. If you've got an irreplaceable $50 LP that's absolutely perfect, these sleeves will give you peace of mind that they'll stay perfect.



these are very good , just like the VRP sleeves..In some cases little tight fit , so I need to trim a little less than 1/4 inch of top. That is if you want the opening up. Opening on the side no problem. Excellent



I have started cleaning the records in my collection and placing them in these and saving both the sleeve and the vinyl. Highly Recommended.



Today I did myself a great favor. I took all the albums I listen to on even every once and a while and cleaned each one with the spin clean then put them in these sleeves then tossed the old ones unless they had art work etc on them in that case I just put the artwork in the album sleeve with these. What else can you do for $20 that will help 50 disks stay at their peak? Dont be cheap and hit add to cart now.



By far the best sleeves I've used. I'm slowly transferring all my records to these sleeves. Much better than paper, and the anti-static is not hocus-pocus... it actually makes a huge difference.



Great Sleeves! I packed my whole collection in these and they have dramatically reduced the static on my records. In addition to the lack of surface noise accompanying the static, dusting my albums has become easier since the there is no cling from the static. For a unit price of 40 cents per LP, these are by far the cheapest means of preserving and maintaining records.



Very udobno.Budu buy again. I want all my vinyl packed in these bags.

A. Vernal


I've gotten so spoiled using these--they're all I want to put my records in anymore.

Dave H


These are the sleeves you want. Minimize scratches and static, and the paper backing keeps the sleeve stiff enough for getting the record back into it. Seriously, if you are on this website, you obviously care about your vinyl. Go ahead and buy these sleeves. They are the cheapest investment you can make to preserve the quality of your collectino.

Stiffer paper side please


I have to agree with Pauline, the paper is too thin and structureless making them a bit of a pain as often as not.



Now thes are GREAT

Very Good for your records

by -

Exactly as Skidney noted in that review, I have been cleaning my entire collection with the SpinClean record cleaner and then putting any remaining albums in these sleeves. I had approx. half my collection already in the old Discwasher sleeves from the 80's and I find these to be almost identical. I have only encountered 1 or 2x having any difficulty getting the records back into their covers as some had noted they'd prefer a little heftier backing, which admittedly would only help this product even more. Overall a worthy purchase that will be repurchased until all paper sleeves are replaced.