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Aztec Mat

Music Hall's Aztec Blue Cork record mat is an upgrade to their popular Cork mat with enhanced decoupling cork material and improved dual layer design. Aside from looking cool, these cork mats actually improve the sound of your favorite records, as well as lower record wear and improves stylus tracking. How does a slipmat do all this? The secret is in the unique design. The outer pieces of cork that surround the outside of the mat lift and support the record while floating it above and decoupling it from the platter. This lowers record vibration and reduces acoustic feedback. Stylus tracking is improved and record wear reduced. The mat eliminates the grunge and leaves behind a rich, clear, dynamic sound. In addition, the cork material sucks up unwanted vibrations and is naturally non-static and non-adhesive making it completely safe for all platter types and all records. Cork also grips the record better than the usual felt-type materials so there is less record slippage and fewer timing errors. This thin, lightweight mat is an excellent upgrade for all listening turntable setups (but NOT for DJing or backcueing).
  • improved dual layer design, enhanced decoupling cork material
  • thin, lightweight cork construction
  • better isolation improves sound and tracking while reducing record wear
  • non-static, non-adhesive
  • grips vinyl better for less slippage and fewer timing errors
  • works with all platter types
  • NOT recommended for DJing and backcueing
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    Immediately noticeable


    Used felt, rubber, cork, cork and rubber previously. Sounds great; but strictly from a static reduction perspective (which was my aim) its noticeably reduced with the Aztec. I always use a static gun on every record before I play them. That coupled with this mat seems to do the trick for me. Certainly worth the price tag to clean up the sound imho.