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Music Hall MMF-2.3 Turntable

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$499.00 to $549.00

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Music Hall MMF-2.3

Hear for yourself why everyone is spinning vinyl again! The plug-and-play Music Hall MMF-2.3 turntable pushes the limits on just how much natural, all-analog sound can come from such an affordable turntable design. With its high-grade parts, stellar build quality, and ease of use, the MMF-2.3 is now on offer at a price that belies its audiophile performance. This award-winning 'table is equipped with a preinstalled Music Spirit phono MM cartridge (likened to the famous Audio-Technica AT95E), for a remarkable presentation of both instruments and voices. MMF-2.3 also includes an upgraded alloy tonearm, an isolated asynchronous motor, an ultra-high-precision stainless-steel/bronze bearing, and a custom alloy platter. MMF-2.3 focuses on the details that impact the overall musicality of your records to produce a sound that's vivid, warm, spacious, and constantly engaging. All you need to do is drop a record on its platter, sit back, and enjoy. Boasting a gorgeous high-gloss finish, the Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award-winning MMF-2.3 also looks pretty great while doing its job!

TAS Review (MMF-2.2)

The level of musicality offered by the MMF-2.2 is going to surprise a lot of people. It sounds far better than most of the entry-level turntables of yesteryear and is a wonderful introduction into the world of vinyl. If you want to stick your toe into the analog pond without spending a lot of coin, the MMF-2.2 is a good place to start.

Entry-Level Audiophile Action

The Music Hall allows for effortless playback of both 33RPM and 45RPM LPs, while custom vibration-damping feet provide added stability and support. A removable, hinged dustcover supplies extra protection when the 'table isn't in use. MMF-2.3 excels in its smooth, low-noise operation and flexibility – and specializes in making your analog experience an effortless, addictive, and pleasurable event. Simple to assemble, the Stereophile Recommended MMF-2.3 removes any complications and worries from the analog setup and will have you enjoying records in minutes. And its first-rate construction means that it will last long into the future. When you need an affordable, overachieving turntable that takes care of the hard stuff for you, the MMF-2.3 is ready to spin your records.
  • special vibration damping adjustable feet
  • top tier 8.6” carbon fiber tonearm with aluminum headshell
  • low noise fully manual belt-drive design
  • separately isolated DC synchronous motor for superior speed stability
  • two-speed electronic speed changer/stabilizer (33/45)
  • music hall Spirit moving-magnet cartridge with replaceable elliptical stylus ($100 value)
  • the cartridge supplied is properly aligned and mounted
  • high precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly for quiet fluid operation
  • high quality gold RCA connectors with detachable phono cable
  • full-size alloy platter and felt mat
  • excellent instruction manual
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • dust cover and 45 rpm adaptor
  • Technical:
  • power supply 15V / 0-0.8mA DC, universal power supply
  • power connection 100 – 240 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz
  • standby power consumption < 1 W
  • speeds change speed with the touch of a button
  • electronic speed control for 33, 45, and 78 rpm - special 78 belt included
  • wow and flutter ± 0.10 %
  • speed deviation ± 0.80%
  • rumble max > – 68 db
  • effective tonearm length 8.6 in. (218.5 mm)
  • effective arm mass 7.0 g
  • overhang 18.5 mm
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    Excellent turntable !! Lots of detail retrieved by the music hall tracker. With an upgrade to the Ortofon Bronze it is really amazing. I am fully surprised how well this deck keeps tracking the record even when the record has been warped. Old records sound almost as new. Again details retrieved are amazing. You really cannot go wrong with this deck. Definitely one of the best available in its class.

    Very good


    This turntable is very, very good. I think you'd have a difficult time beating it at this price level. If you're deciding between this TT or a Rega RP1, I recommend this one as it has adjustable feet and a height adjustable tonearm. There's also a very open upgrade path as you can fit all sorts of new cartridges, platters, and other accessories to it. One thing that must be said, though: The slip mat is a joke. It's paper thin and will stick to every record that you put on it. Plan for immediate replacement of the slip mat, or just buy the acrylic platter right away. But yeah, in summary, this TT is terriffic.

    Blew away my expectations


    This table is fantastic. I've always had sub-par players (Crosley, all-in-ones, hand-me-downs) and with my growing collection, I decided to go for the good stuff. This table blew away my expectations, the life and dynamics this pulls out of my records is unbelievable. It looks amazing, as well, and is very simple to set up and enjoy. Pushing it through a vintage Marantz 2235B is a thing of beauty as well! Customer service at Needledoctor was also top notch. Very communicative and genuinely excited for you to enjoy your table. It was also impeccably packed and arrived safe and sound. Look no further, get it here. Looking forward to an acrylic platter and Ortofon upgrade! Thanks Brian!



    Just wanted to say thanks to Brian, who helped me with my pre-purchase questions and poiting me in the right direction and afterward when calibrating my counterweight on my new turntable. After resurrecting my vinyl collection of 30 years, I was looking to get a new turntable that performed and didnt break the bank.. The Music Hall MMF 2.2, paired with the Ortofon 2M Red catridge performs like a champ! I have dove back into the world of vinyl and am hooked.. Again, if you want a good turntable, but working on a budget, this one is really does the trick.. Thanks again.. And thank you for all your help, Brian! Excellent customer service!!



    This is a very well-behaved, good performing turntable. The salesperson at Needle Doctor offered a lot of useful information about the turntables that I had browsed on the website. It's a very friendly, low-key experience; they don't try to steer you towards anything you're not looking for. I'm very pleased with the Music Hall MMF 2.2; I opted for the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, which is a good choice for this machine. I bought the Music Hall to replace an old Thorens TD-180, and it's definitely a step above. Mechanically the Music Hall is very simple and easy to adjust if needed. I would wish for a little smoother cueing. This is connected to an old Marantz 2270 with a couple of Pioneer S-DF3-K speakers and a refurbished Cambridge Soundworks non-powered subwoofer. For a budget system, this sounds outstanding. The Music Hall made my 35-year old copy of Jackson Browne's _Pretender_ LP sound like new. In this price class you just can't go wrong.



    Fantastic!! Not just the sound of my new MMF2.2 with upgraded cartridge and platter; the service I received was perfect!! A phone call to update me about shipping. I look forward to doing business again!

    Amazed at the ease of set up


    Having been out of the vinyl mode since the advent of cd's I was very skeptical of going back to LP's. Much of what I have read lead me to believe that I need to spend two grand or so to get the performance I was looking for. After a few trips to YouTube and reading a couple of reviews I opted for the Music Hall MMF 2.2. I must admit to being amazed at the ease of setup, more importantly the immediacy of sound quality it produced. I've had the turntable for over 3 months now and have yet to find a noteworthy flaw, I can attest without reservation you won't look back.



    Have had this deck for about a year now. Height adjustable feet and better arm are worthwhile improvements over the last version. It can easily tolerate a much better cartridge than the Tracker so upgrade away. The AT 120 or 440 are good choices for it. If you dont want to buy another cartridge, look for a needle upgrade for the Tracker.