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Music Hall Cork Mat

Instruments pop to life. Crackle is reduced. Vocals are clearer and more dramatic. The background is quieter, soundstage wider and deeper. How does this thing work? The secret is in the 12 isolation discs surrounding the outside of the mat and the single larger disc for the center label. The discs lift and support the record while floating it above and decoupling it from the platter. This lowers record vibration and reduces acoustic feedback. Stylus tracking is improved and record wear reduced. The mat eliminates the grunge and leaves behind a rich, clear, dynamic sound.

Cork is the perfect material. It sucks up unwanted vibrations and releases the life and energy of the music. It’s naturally non-static and non-adhesive making the mat perfectly safe for use on all platters and it won’t harm your records. Cork grips the record better than felt so there’s less record slippage and fewer timing errors. The mat is thin, lightweight, and generally doesn’t require a VTA adjustment. Listen for yourself, the improvement is easy to hear.

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This mat is a great improvement for both my classic kd-3070 and my new project rpm1 carbon. On the kd 3070 it was a perfect match in thickness and did a better job than the stock rubber mat to reduce the noise floor. Also opened up the sound and made for a livelier listen. On the project this mat opened the sound stage up and I also notice significantly less static buildup compared to both the stock felt mat and the simple record mat I originally bought for this table. Highly recommended!



Clear improvement from the very first record. My Music Hall mmf7 record clamp is no longer in use records simply sound better with this mat



I purchased this mat to replace the felt mat supplied with my Pro-Ject Classic Cherry, a turntable I brought with me from Europe, now fitted with an Ortofon 2M Blue. I have found this cork map to be a significant improvement on the felt, not only cutting dust and static, but also the music sounds tighter and the bass better defined. The instructions said not to use a clamp. I'm not certain if this advice is based on measurement, but subjectively I prefer the rendition with the clamp in use. It's what I like, yes? So, this is a significant performance upgrade on a pocket-money budget. Nice.



did notice some improvement in sound over a felt mat. smoother more spacious soundstage. sibblences inproved,



I'm very pleased with this mat. I really didn't know what to expect, but hoped to experience the same results others were so proud to share when reading reviews. I've tried other mats on my Rega RP3 with no measurable improvements. Major improvements in rumble reduction alone makes this mat worth every dollar I paid for it. I've been fine tuning my system for a few weeks now and no other item and/or change has made such a noticeable difference...not even wall mounting the turntable. I've been going back to albums I played just prior to purchasing this mat and it's a world of improvement in sound quality. (Rega RP3, Anthem 500, Anthem 225 amp, Klipsch RF7's)



This is the best purchase I have made for my system. I don't have a high-end system so anything I can do to improve the sound is a plus. First record I played after putting on the mat was Elton John's Madman Across the Water. I have listened to this album hundreds of times and can honestly say it was like listening to it for the first time. I heard things I have never heard before. It was more lush and warm. The drums snapped and bass was tight. Best $50 I have spent for my system. get one.

Peter W


Made a definite improvement on my newly purchased Pro-Ject Carbon. Tighter Base, smoother vocals and less backround noise. Get One!



I agree with dirty vinyl. I still use the weight and with this map I have noticed a difference. They vinyl springs to life and the bass sounds great. It is a good, stable platform and well worth the money.



I'm skeptical of most of the quick fix solutions and tweaks that I run across, and at first I was the same way about this mat. I knew I needed something better than what I had, and I had actually tried several before this - felt, acrylic, rubber... you get the picture. I've also gone though several weights and stabilizers. This mat is by far the best solution for eliminating static, proper record support, and anti-slip that I have found. I don't use a weight anymore, the records don't collect dust while they play, and the bass is as tight as a high end stabilizer/clamp. Hands down one of my top 5 must have accessories. (Used on a Thorens TD-316 with Origin Live Onyx and Dynavector DV 20X H.)



I just received a Music Hall Record Mat, and it has made noticeable improvements in my system. My phono rig consists of a Music Hall 5.1 turntable with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, playing through a Vincent PH-80 phono amp. A great combo, in my opinion. The Record Mat improved it. Vocals move forward and seem to "hang" in space...great imaging. I hear bits of inner detail I have not heard before. The speakers "disappear," an effect my system already exhibited, but improved with the Record Mat. The sound is more open, the soundstage a little wider and deeper...more 3-D. Bass seems to be a little tighter, and drums have more "snap." These improvements are immediately noticeable. And, the Mat makes the turntable look great. The only drawback I can hear is that some sibilance seems to be slightly emphasized, but this does not deter very much from the Mat's performance. All in all, highly recommended.

dirty vinyl


Great sounding and cheap! I use a weight since most of my disc are used and imperfect. Flattens center nicely against the cork. Didn't make a scratchy record less scratchy but overall music has more life!



This is simply the best accessory that I have ever purchased for my turntable. It is a huge improvement over the standard felt/wool mats. This mat does not slip and it does not collect static. Static was my biggest problem with the felt/wool mats. The record lays flat. The sound is livelier. Absolutely worth the price and should be your first upgrade.



This mat was much thinner than I expected and it's incredibly light. The center disc is removable for 7" records. Strangely enough, when I brush the dust off my records when it's on this mat, the cork mat sticks to it more frequently than my felt mat because it's so much lighter. However, when I play the actual record, the crackling sounds are virtually gone. The instructions said that record clamps are no longer needed and placing a record is more convenient.



I bought this mat for my MMF-5. The glass platter does not compensate for the label thickness and this mat does. It supports the record at the label and in twelve places toward the outside of the record, decoupling it from the platter. I've listened to quite a few albums now using this mat and it really does make a difference in sound quality especially in the low end. I've had to adjust my system to compensate for the increased bass. Overall, the whole sound is fuller. Great investment.



I have nothing to compare this mat to other than the stock felt mat / MDF platter that came with my Rega P1, and this is a HUGE improvement over that. More detail, better imaging, improved sibliants, and a tighter bass. For the price - it's a keeper!