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Nitty Gritty PUREnzyme+ Record Cleaning Fluid

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PUREnzyme+ is Nitty Gritty's double-enzyme cleaning fluid! It's enhanced with a proprietary catalyst that boosts the enzyme's power to reduce or eliminate surface noise and lower noise floor, thus improving dynamics. Use PUREnzyme+ in tandem with Nitty Gritty Pure 2 record cleaning fluid, or with any other high-grade record cleaning fluid.Directions:
  • 1. Completely saturate the Vac-Sweep with PUREnzyme+, then spindle the record. Allow the record at least one full minute (you can also scrub the topside at the same time, with a hand-held brush (sold separately)
  • 2. Apply a generous amount of Pure 2 (or other record cleaning fluid), rotate the record for 30 seconds, and vacuum as usual
  • Note: For really dirty records, allow to rotate for 2-3 minutes, flush with Pure 2 and vacuum
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