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The Onzow Zerodust made of newly developed ultra soft plastic is unprecedented high performance cleaner and easy to use. As the cleaning element of Zerodust is softer and has 15 times more elasticity than a baby skin, this mysterious material will never damage your delicate stylus.

How to Use:

Lightly press a stylus tip once or twice onto the Zerodust cleaning element, and pull it up. The element accepts the tip very naturally and finely removes dusts over the tip for noise and muddy free sound. Dusts now stick to the cleaning element leaving no scum thanks to so designed ingredients of the element material.

Zerodust container case top works as a magnifier convenient for precise check of the tip condition before and after cleaning.

When the cleaning element begins looking a little grungy, just wash it in warm water with a little bit of neutral detergent. Dust is easily removed, and you can use Zerodust over and over for a VERY long time.

Enjoythemusic.com Review

"ZERODUST STYLUS TIP CLEANER, made in Japan by Onzo Laboratories. This is a blob of clear jelly surrounded by a thin membrane on which you touch the needle. For some reason the membrane attracts dust like a magnet, and the softness of the gel allows you to do it without damaging the mechanism. It also comes with a magnifier which is perfect for making sure the needle is clean. Does it work? Almost as well as the best liquid stylus cleaners, without the worry of migration of the liquid up into the cartridge, thus damaging the mechanism. So now, I clean the stylus with a liquid at the beginning of the session, then use the Zerodust the rest of the time. Works like a charm.

Stereophile Recommended Component

"A circular mound of semi-gelatinous goop in a box, onto which you gently lower your stylus," said MF. Use is simple: "After a few seconds, you lift the stylus, and it's as clean and residue-free as the proverbial whistle... Upside: no potenitally dangerous brushing, and no fluids. Downside" if you like to leave your platter spinning, you'll have to stop it each time, or find another steady surface upon which to perform the operation." (Vol.25 No.3) April 2003

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I picked one of these up recently based on several positive reviews around the internet. I must say the hype is real and it does work as advertised. My collection of LPs is mostly thrift store/estate sale/swap meet finds.So a lot of dirty dirty records that will eventually get cleaned. I like that I can clean it and reuse it indefinitely. You can't say that about most of the products we use in this hobby. Even if you think your stylus is clean this will prove you wrong. Use it before you play each side and you'll be very happy in the long run.



The ZeroDust has been around for years and it works, period--I took a close look at my ZeroDust today and couldn't believe how dirty it had become over the last 50 days. I have used it on an Ortofon Super OM 30, Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 and an Ortofon Cadenza Blue. It is safe to use if you are very careful to just touch your stylus gently to the gel—DO NOT move sideways at all, this may damage your cantilever suspension. If you are serious about caring for your expensive cartridge you simply must have this. All other stylus cleaning methods are inferior. When it gets dirty, just wash it with a mild detergent and it's good as new. It is a great value.



This is a little wonder!. I have an ortofon Red and they clearly state that liquids should not be used-- this works better than liquids. To use it, I simply raise the arm with the lever, place the cleaner below it a quarter of an inch and then lower the cuing lever. When one looks at the stylus with the magnifier-- it is pristine.



I thought long and hard about spending this much on a stylus cleaner and I'm very pleased that I decided to purchase the ONZOW. The results have been outstanding. No more messing with liquids and brushes that don't come close to getting the stylus as clean as the ONZOW does. The ease of using this effective product is awesome! The combination of ONZOW and a quality carbon fiber brush for the lp's make for superb album listening.

Big Mac


I thought I had damaged my stylus - my carbon fiber brush didn't fix the muddy distortion - so I replaced the stylus. Then I bought the Onzow and tried on the old stylus and it sounded perfect after a couple of "dips". I wish I'd bought the Onzow first!



seems expensive and maybe just a touch silly...till you use it and compare it to brushes w/ w/o liquid and even magic eraser this does a better job. period.



Worth every penny. I was a skeptic, but am a believer after seeing all of the stuff this pulls off my stylus. Well worth the price of admission.



was using a brush and Magic eraser before and then I got this and now my stylus gets REALLY REALLY REALLY clean instead of just really clean. well worth it if you want to assure a clean stylus and the best sound.



This is the only stylus cleaner you will ever need. Enough said!



I love this product. It works great. I also like the fact that when it gets dirty all you have to do is wash it off. It is high priced, but since it is totally a matter of choice to buy it I don't see that I have the right to complain.



I bought this for the obvious reasons, and had been happily using it for about two weeks when my old audio mentor discovered I had rejoined the analog world. Getting an Onzow was his first suggestion to me. I told him I couldn't agree more. Believe the hype and buy the thing.



If you are tired of using brushes or liquids and wondering if your stylus is getting clean, this is the product for you. True, it is expensive, but you'll only need to purchase one in your lifetime, if you take care of it. It works just as described -- place the stylus on the plastic gel, and then lift -- all the gunk stays behind. And as you use it over time you can plainly see it working, because visible grit accumulates on the surface of the gel. To clean the Zerodust, just wash with dish detergent to clear off the accumulated grit. A great product. I would give it five stars, but I am deducting one star because of the price -- Even though it is a one-time purchase, the markup must a be a gazillion percent.

Brilliant product! They deserve their mark-up.


The guy that gave this one star was the problem, not the product. The only way you can damage your stylus with this is to misuse it. Of course, if you follow the suggestion of Needle Doctor and "press it" onto the surface, you just might damage your stylus. Just cue it down as you would with LP and the product is perfect and so too will be your stylus!

Works great - be careful handling it.

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Works great. Don't drop it on the floor or else it will be covered in dust. You have been warned.

Must for your LPs


Awesome! $ spent well.

Best cleaner I tried


This thing really works,