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Ortofon 2M Blue Phono Cartridge

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"The sound had the immediacy that I associate with good carts but it also had a sweetness that I’ve experienced with good MCs like a Benz Glider. It had a little Sumiko Blue Point edginess in the upper strings and a stridency from trumpets that may not stand the test of time, but for two and a quarter, there is no arguing the Blue is a cartridge performing well above its price point. When I first heard it, I’d have guessed it was in the $7/800 range." - Audiophilia

Design Elements

The 2M Series is developed in conjunction with the Danish Industrial designer Møller Jensen Design – the same designer who designed the award winning MC Jubilee and Kontrapunkt series. Inspired by the facets of a diamond, whose contours gracefully trace the grooves on a record’s surface, the 2M’s handsome elegance establishes a great combination of form and functionality.

The name 2M was selected from among several ideas. We wanted a modern name that would be easy to pronounce and remember, and therefore an alphanumerical name was chosen. 2M means MM, which is the abbreviation for moving magnet. Of course the 2M isn’t just another pretty face. It has been engineered to the highest standards and is congruent with Ortofon’s unrelenting commitment to providing the most precise and accurate reproduction possible without coloration.

Ortofon 2M Sonics

The 2M series of cartridges feature Ortofon’s trademark split-pole pins, an invention that enables moving-magnet cartridges to have a flat frequency response, as with a moving-coil cartridge. Split-pole pins were invented by Ortofon, and were originally presented in the 500 and OM Super series. We have optimized the design for ease of mounting the cartridge, and the weight and size to fit the most common turntables on the market today. The 2M Series provides excellent compatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems and with a wide variety of phono preamps.A briefing on each...
  • 2M Mono SE, 2M Mono and 2M 78 are a true mono cartridges for playing mono vinyl records
  • 2M Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a touch of warmth
  • 2M Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more detail
  • 2M Bronze adds even more detail and resolution but in a very even-handed, transparent fashion
  • 2M Black is the best in all aspects - impeccable resolution and accurate insight into each recording
  • Features:
  • Improved engine (over the OM series) which provides an increased output of 5.5mV, optimized reproduction and a high level of sonic accuracy
  • Nude elliptical diamond and split pole pins with copper wire
  • 2M Blue adds more dynamics and resolution, sounds more open and reproduces more details than 2M Red
  • Technical:
  • Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.: 5,5 mV
  • Channel balance at 1 kHz: 1,5 dB
  • Channel separation at 1 kHz: 25 dB
  • Channel separation at 15 kHz: 15 dB
  • Frequency range at - 3dB: 20-25.000 Hz
  • Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz + 2 / - 1 dB
  • Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force: 80 µm
  • Compliance, dynamic, lateral: 20 µm/mN
  • Stylus type: Nude Elliptical
  • Stylus tip radius: r/R 8/18 µm
  • Tracking force range: 1,6-2,0g (16-20 mN)
  • Tracking force, recommended: 1,8 g (18 mN)
  • Tracking angle: 20°
  • Internal impedance, DC resistance: 1,3 kOhm
  • Internal inductance - 700 mH
  • Recommended load resistance: 47 kOhm
  • Recommended load capacitance: 150-300 pF
  • Cartridge colour, body/stylus: Black/Blue
  • Cartridge weight: 7,2 g
  • Replacement stylus unit: 2M Blue (interchangeable with 2M Red and 2M Silver)
  • Package Contents:
  • 1 x Stylus brush
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Screw M2,5 x 5
  • 2 x Screw M2,5 x 7
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    Tamara Williams


    I just upgraded my Fluance RT81 TT standard cartridge from the AT95E to the Ortofon 2M Blue. After a good 7 hrs of play (at 1.8g), this cartridge is settling in quite nicely. Definitely an upgrade. Highly recommended!

    Ted C.


    I even tried a Dynavector 10X5 but this Ortofon 2-M Blue beat it. The Bass in the 2-M Blue is deeper, stronger, and punchier, and the overall dynamics are also better. This cartridge is "musical", the holy grail of audiophile pursuit, and I use it on my VPI Aries 1 turntable, it literally makes my music come alive !!!



    Replaced a sumiko pearl with the blue with Brian's help.I have a rega RP 1 with groovetracer sub platter and Cambridge phono stage. The 2m blue is awesome all round, with a slight bit of warmth-just enough. I play records late into the night.

    Walt B.


    First of all, there's no doubt that this is a really terrific cartridge. However, I just can't hear any significant difference over the 2MRred. Actually, I can't hear any difference at all. I dunno, maybe it's my 66 year-old ears echo can't detect a difference. I've got a nice Pro Ject table and a nice phono preamp. I've gone back and forth many times and just can't tell the difference.

    Dave S


    Fantastic. Rich. Expressive. Deep. As good as it gets! Add to that the service that I got. I live in NYC and just hate dealing with audiophile stores because they tend to be elitist snobs. It was a pleasure to deal with down to earth, passionate, honest people. Cheer!

    Dr Pelo


    Replaced an old Ortofon with a 2M Blue. Amazing sound & stage. Kudos to Brian, that was extremely helpful & installed the cartridge on a Denon headshell for me. Thanks Needle Dr..!!!

    Vinyl Therapy & Audio You Tube VC


    This is the Best cartridge I have had the pleasure of owning. Bass is deep and tight,The mids are open and realist. Horns sound like horns,strings sound like strings and so on. Highs are Polished but not bright. No sizzle just great natural sound. Sound Stage is open and never compressed sounding.Every instrument has room to breath with out ever getting that small or narrow feeling. I have had some very nice Cartridges below $500 and this is the best By far. It beats the pants of the following carts IMO. Grado Gold,Shure M97xe,Denon dl103,AT 440ML,Sumiko Pearl and the 2M Red I am Hooked for a good long time to come.



    Had this Blue aboard my Denon for 4 months now and all I can say is wow. Not only is it detailed and full, the bass, well, is bass, deep and satisfying. One of the most impressive characteristics is that it ignores light scratches. Old records sound new (or almost). Great buy, I'm very impressed.



    I was very impressed I had a Shure M97xe on my Pioneer PL-112D and the Blue was a great improvement. I know I will be enjoying this needle for a long time.

    Bob H


    This sounds great! A big upgrade on the 2M Red. Fuller and cleaner overall sound, especially at the top and bottom ends. This brought new life to my Debut Carbon / acrylic platter TT. I'm running this through a Musical Surroundings Phenomena 2 pre, Elite Receiver, and B&W CM10 S2 speakers. I'm surprised at how good an entry level TT can sound with the 2M Blue upgrade.



    Wow! Night and day upgrade from my Sumiko Pearl Cartridge. I have a Pro-Ject RM 1.3. My first upgrade was an Acrylic Platter, looks awesome and slightly brighter sound. Next I got a Little Bear T-10 Pro tube preamp to replace my Pioneer Elite AV card. More detail and a warmer sound. Added a Pro-Ject Speedbox S - imaging improved some and a little brighter, noticeable change but I only slightly preferred the new sound. After replacing the stock Sumiko Pearl with the Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge I was blow away with how good the system sounded. Maybe the Sumiko was the weakest link in the chain and now I am now better able to hear the other upgrades also. Huge improvement. The needle drops and the room vanishes.

    Dave Ab


    Running this cartridge with a vintage JVC QL-Y55F, NAD T775 and Pro-Ject Tube Box... sound is awesome. Like many of the reviews here describe, I'm hearing things on my LPs that I didn't know were there!! Easy set-up too. It took me about 15 minutes to accurately set-up this cartidge.



    I have recently installed an Ortofon 2M Blue into a Thorens TD-240-2 turntable and am using a Thorens MM 008 ADC phono preamplifier. This is running through my Anthem MRX-710 reciever and I am using PSB Alpha's as my main speakers. This was an upgrade from my Dual CS-721 running a Sure V15 Type V MR. Firstly, I should note that as good as the Ortofon sounds from the first moment I strongly suggest you take the time to play a wide range of musical material for at least the first 50 hours. My experience was that after that "break in" period the cartridge began to open up sonically, particularly in its ability to provide bass definition and stereo imaging. Also its inner detail and definition improved as well. This cartridge, in the right set up, can provide remarkable performance for its price range. It is also precise enough to reveal the limits of the source material you have. I have two examples - my copy of Billy Joel's "Turnstiles" has an odd mix which places Billy's voice far back in the image. The Ortofon made that oddness more pronounced. Also, my copy of Led Zeppelin's 4th album which I purchased in 1974 has become somewhat worn - and I suspect was a less-than-perfect pressing to begin with because of the number of copies that had been made by the time I purchased mine. The Ortofon showed the wear and poor pressing quality in spades. On the positive side the audiophile pressings and many. many other regular, but always early versions, sound more detailed, musical and rich than they have ever before on my previous vinyl rigs. I know the Bronze and Black models also garner fantastic reviews, but to my mind the Blue may be the best deal of the whole line as it simply offers a level of performance and accuracy that few other cartridges can at a similar or even substantially higher price point.



    I had just purchased a Rega RP-6 and I needed a cartridge for it. The Ortifon had gotten good reviews so I tried it. So far it has been fantastic! It have about 22 hours on it and already I hear more bass and clarity. This is performing as well as my Silver Grado and since Grado can't be used on Rega's I was hoping for a good cartridge at this price point. I am very pleased with the sound and I am glad I made this choice. It sounds as good as I need and I have tube equipment and I love vinyl.



    I like this cartridge very much for the price. The bass is deep and punchy the highs are well defined. The soundstage is good. However complex passages are confused and muddy. This is a good cartridge for pop music.

    Joshua A


    A very nice sounding cartridge. I have it connected to my Cambridge Audio Azur 551P preamp and my Schiit Magni headphone amp listening through my Sennheiser HD 558 headphones and am getting superb sound. Very well balanced. Not all bright but still very detailed in the upper-end. Bass response is very nice. Mids are smooth. Zero sibilance. Seems to do a very good job on inner grooves as well. A little pricey, but worth it if you have the money.

    Pete Johnson


    Got this cartridge installed when I bought my debut carbon. Needle Doctor installed it perfectly.



    I have a Technics SL-1200MKII and I Just received this 2M Blue cartridge today and I am very impressed and satisfied with the sound reproduction that this Ortofon 2M Blue can offer in combination with a Sumiko HS12 Headshell together and the sound is very clear with a lot of detail that you can hear every instrument from the music and for this price to my ears this sounds much more expensive than other Cartridges that are out there. And top notch service from needle doctor staff. Thank you very much for the advise

    phillip smith


    WOW!! What a difference on my Rega turntable. The sound stage is huge and vary musical that it created emotions i havent been lead to from my old LP's. This performs like an eight hundred dollar cart. the voice is so true to life and the bass is right on target.( I know I'm a drummer ) If you have the money for an upgrade, i recomend the 2m Blue. Thanks to Brian at needle doc. Iv heard my albums again for the first time.

    Dimitris D. from GREECE


    In the past i tried the following cartridges some on MMF-5 and others on Technics 12000 MkII: Benz MC20E2-L, Menz MC-Silver, Grado Stetement Platinum, Sumico Blue point-2. They are all very good cartridges but i was always feeling that something was missing with every one of them. I don't have this feeling with the 2M-Blue. I believe that the 2M-Blue combines the best from the above cartridges. I'm very-very-very satisfied. I think that i will never use another cartridge except maybe 2M-Bronze or Black

    Michael S.


    I put this cartridge on a Rega RP6 and it does not disappoint. I thought I would be missing out on the Rega synergy by not going with the Exact 2, but Ortofon won me over with the 2M Red when I had my Pro-Ject Debut. I will eventually upgrade to the Black, but for the guitar driven, big drum rock-n-roll that I listen to, this product gets the job done.



    revised : from the time of my original review I have since run the cartridge in 200 hours and extensively modified my TT including a modified Rega 250 arm. I tought this cartridge was good before, but she has really started to sing. definitely can handle better arms and tables. quite the buy...

    Patrick W.


    I purchased this cartridge a few months ago on the advice given to me by Needledoctor. I was having trouble with a picky system that was sounding too bright. This made all the difference! Tracks Great! Incredible Detail! I can listen to records all night long with this cartridge! Thanks Guys!



    This is the first upgrade to my AT LP120 and I am amazed. Tis is the best vinyl experience I've ever had I'm forty plus years of listening to records. The supplied AT95E is great, but this cartridge is AMAZING! I read some reviews that it sounds even better after 50 hours, I can't wait. Just get one of these, by far the best I've ever heard.



    The Ortofon 2M blue costs $369 in New Zealand, and is worth every cent. Using it on a Rega P3 turntable with a Rega Brio amp, and B&W 683 speakers. This cartridge is what I have been missing!