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Ortofon AS-309S Tonearm

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Ortofon AS-309S 12 Inch Tonearm

Ortofon’s AS series static-balance tonearms feature high quality materials and construction, combined with a nod to analog’s past, for precise sound reproduction combined with a modern-vintage aesthetic. AS series tonearms can be used for a wide array of cartridges (SPUs require an additional counterweight) and feature anti-skating control.
  • Cross suspension system
  • Unipivot
  • Tonearm height adjustable from 35mm to 55mm
  • Technical:
  • Effective length (from tonearm pivot to the stylus): 326mm
  • Effective length (from tonearm pivot to the spindle): 311mm
  • Overhang: 15mm
  • Offset angle (between a groove and the stylus direction): 19°
  • Tracking force adjustment range: 0-3g
  • Height adjustment range: 35mm-55mm
  • Diameter of armbase mounting hole: 19mm-20mm
  • Diameter of center shaft: 18mm
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    Larry Maier


    I bought this arm to replace an Ortofon RMG-309 on a custom built 16" phase-lock turntable with a Shure V15 TypeV cartridge. The installation was easy and I had the arm set up very quickly. While the instructions for mounting the arm are good, the information for adjusting it is a little thin. On the other hand, most of the adjustments are easily figured out. The cabling and connectors are solid and heavy duty; a big improvement over the RMG 309. The arm performs flawlessly and the cueing is easy to use and gentle. Multiple headshells of differing weights (good LPs, heavily used LPs, and 78s) are easily handled by simply rotating the counter weight. Audio performance is excellent. While I will admit that spending this kind of money on an arm has a tendency to make it sound better, I am still very pleased with the sonic results.