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Ortofon Stylus Force Gauge

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Basic stylus pressure scale.

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A useable tool if the user is happy with indicated force markings. However, markings are not linearly spaced like a ruler, and finding desired weight settings between markings is just guessing. Also, the balance arm can bind if the stylus isn't set down perfectly centered in the arm's groove.



Not sure why the other two hated this gauge. It will stick if the hinge is not in the right place, though--so maybe Chuckie didn't set his up right. I don't think mine is flimsy at all and it's much more portable than the Shure gauge, which I also have, and which stays in its package since I got this. It's nice and small, too, so I just leave it on my turntable. It's also half the price of the Shure gauge. I love mine. I'd buy another one, and I recommend it all the time.