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Pfanstiehl Anti-Static Record Mat

8 Reviews


Anti-Static Record Mat

When you play your records, static electricity is often created. This charge causes crackling and static noise and attracts dust. You can address this problem by using an anti-static mat designed to discharge static from the record as it spins - a mat such as this one! It's made of felt and carbon fiber, the latter of which being an effective destaticiser.

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews



How does it "Discharge" with no ground or power to ionize?! Unless I missed a grounding strap somewhere. Through the spindle - it appears to me that Adam and Tim are seeing what I am questioning. But for $15 it is a nice mat.



I think these cheaper felt mats are way better than the OEM rubber mats on the vintage tables I run and buy and sell. I have used mats like just like this, as well as some OEM mats by Technics and a vintage mat sold by Realistic. For me they all do a good job. I have no static problems. I play my vinyl in the family room in the basement and in a carpeted area. Maybe Adam lives in a dry climate? I suggest they get a humidifier to help put moisture in the air. I started using these felt mats back in the late 70s-early 80s. They work! No need to spend more $, unless you are going for style and to satisfy your ego!



This mat dropped the noise floor significantly and never clings to my vinyl when I lift the record off the table. Can't explain what's going on with other reviewers. I love mine. Highly recommended.

Scot Bontrager


A dramatic upgrade from the felt mat stock on the pro-ject RM 1.3 Genie. The stock mat always stuck to the records and discharged an absurd amount of static. Three days with this mat and there has been no static at all (in a dry TX summer!). I can tell already that there is less background noise (I've digitized a few albums, the already very-quiet hum is several dB lower). I'm very pleased. Can't speak to the two reviews who have static issues, but that isn't my experience at all!



Don't know what's up at Adam's pad, but have had no problems such as he describes, This mat dissipates static, period! Great value, too.



I was using an OEM (hard rubber) mat, when I which to the LKG-104. I notice an immediate and definite acoustic advantage.



Love this mat. I have it on a Pro-Ject 2.9 Pear Wood model which needs its clamp to effectively reproduce great sound. With this mat, I don't need the clamp anymore which was always a bother to me to screw down and the change in sonics with it is a noticeable improvement. A great $15.00 investment.

Orlando Cabrera


Works! Before I used this mat, I would have a record covered in dust just seconds after placing it on the rubber platter of any of my turntables. Just make sure you use a record clamp of some sort as the surface of the mat is less than grippy. I use a Clearaudio Cleverclamp on my Luxman TT.