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Pro-Ject Acryl-It Platter Upgrade

22 Reviews

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The Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter fits the Pro-Ject Debut and Xpression. It also works well on the Music Hall MMF2.2.

Needle Dr Reviews the Pro-Ject Acryl-It Platter Upgrade

Just about every feature on a turntable can impact the sound quality, including the platter. The Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter aims to provide a stable support for the vinyl, while eliminating any distracting resonance. Mission accomplished. When implemented to the Music Hall MMF2.2, the improvements were strikingly noticeable. Backgrounds were darker, bass was deeper, and vocals were brought forward. Apart from all of the sonic virtues, the Acryl-It also offers a nice upgrade in aesthetics. With no need for a felt mat, the Acryl-It immediately made the MMF2.2 look more like a $1000 turntable. Highly recommended.
  • Substitutes metal platter
  • Inert material avoids resonances
  • Dent for label implemented
  • Ideal for use with Clamp it
  • Audiophile sound tuning
  • Visually appealing
  • No need for a felt mat
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    Doug M


    What an amazing and simple piece of equipment. I just installed on my music hall MMF2.2 with a ortophon 2M blue cartridge and the change is incredible. Much better definition across the dynamic range. Tighter bass, clearer highs and well defined vocals. Worth the money and the reviews don't lie. I think my next investment will be a speed box.



    The acrylic platter is required if you have the debut carbon (or any other tt with a steel platter) and you want to use a moving coil cartridge.



    I just snagged one of these open box in the closeout section for a little bit of a discount and my first impressions are great so far. I live close to the retail store, but I wasn't sure when I was going to be able to make it in and didn't want to miss out on the open box deal, so I had it shipped. Shipping was incredible fast, I actually received it a day after ordering, so props to Needle Doctor on that. I have a debut carbon with a speedbox se and combined with the new platter makes music listening a great experience for me, even with my old pioneer receiver. The obvious advantage is that it's nice to be able to take a record off the platter without the static cling of the felt mat. It wasn't as bad in the summer, but was incredibly obnoxious in the dry winter months. I started off spinning the first record of The Queens Of The Stone Age dual lp 45rpm on the old metal platter and then switched for the acrylic platter for the second record. I was a little nervous after having read a previous review saying that this platter had a deadening effect, particularly on audiophile quality vinyl, but so far I am only noticing more clarity and presence, as well as a lower noise floor seemingly due to the lower levels of static and lower resonance. The motor noise is a little more noticeable at 45 rpm, but you really have to be listening for it. Lastly, the fact that I don't have a felt mat collecting and distributing dust to and from my lps is a huge bonus. The one place in my house that gets dusted the most is the area around my turntable. Like many, I was overwhelmed when I took this thing out of the box. I honestly thought there would be more to it, but as simple as it is and as high as the price tag may be, I am still very happy with it. Thanks for the open box deal, Needle Doctor. Next on the list is a record clamp.



    I've had this on my Debut III for over a year and still very happy I upgraded - a big note for folks who use a record brush, you'll want to get a clamp to avoid the record slipping on the acrylic which has virtually no traction. I use a Souther Clever Clamp, which isn't the world's greatest clamp but does a great job holding the LP in place without adding weight and since it's clear plastic goes quite nicely with the platter.



    Just got the new platter, and I can say that I am surprised by the diffrence in the sound. It's brighter with more separation of sounds, more detail in the music and I feel bass has improved, but really I think the biggest diffrence was how open the soundstage sounded. I will also admit a big reason was the look of the turntable as well, I have the piano black carbon, and this platter now really makes it pop in my living room, and I hated that felt mat always sticking to my records. This platter fixed all that! A great upgrade in my mind. Thanks Needle Doctor, love your store!



    This platter looks beautiful on my red P-J D3! Aesthetically, it carries light fairly well. Smooth and even-spinning, the extra weight helps tracking, I swear, even to the point of glossing over skips 1/10 times more than the metal platter. A nice, affordable upgrade that basically gives you an Esprit, I think was the model in Europe. I would mod in this order: 1) Bellari VP130 Pre 2) Acryl-It Platter 3)PJ Speedbox

    Kevin Dunlap


    I have owned this platter for over a year. I am still not sure why a molded piece of plastic should cost $130, that is really steep but there is no question it does exactly what most have said. It does reduce noise, it does tighten the sound and it does eliminate static. Still, for $130 it should also make breakfast. Is it worth owning? Sure. Is it worth $130, that is an individual decision.



    Added this to my MMF2.2 and the difference was apparent after seconds. I really only bought it to get rid of the need for mats (static hell), and I'm floored by the soundstage improvement. Well worth the money.

    Irene C


    A must have for the Pro-Ject Carbon. After purchasing the Pro-Ject Acryl-it Platter I can really notice a difference. As usual, excellent service from the guys at Needle Doctor! If you're on the fence about this one, it's really worth the purchase and does make a difference in the audio from your lps. Glad that I bought it!



    I bought this for my Debut Carbon. I think it's a great improvement over the stock one (no more stupid felt mat, either!). The bass sounds tighter and the overall sound has more *snap*. It also makes the turntable look awesome. With that said, I don't think this piece of plastic is worth the $129 it retails for. For that reason, I gave it 4 stars and not 5. I bought mine as a scratch/dent for much less than retail, which makes it a bit more pallatible. This is the next logical upgrade for the Debut TT after the Speedbox.

    Billy Bob


    This platter is a HUGE upgrade to the Debut III. The static and noise caused by the felt mat and metal platter are gone. The bass and miss were improved and the table seemed to have a warmer more balanced sound. This is a must have if you own the Debut III.

    Cesar R


    Just as the rest of the reviews say... Highly recomended..

    Peter W


    It works...a must upgrade for the Pro-Ject Carbon.

    Daniel Thomas


    An essential upgrade for any Pro-Ject Debut turntable. Not only does the acrylic platter improve sonics and dynamics, it opens the door to Moving Coil cartridges (like Denon's DL-110/160). It also looks super cool. After the Speed Box II, make this your next Pro-Ject upgrade.

    david m reyes


    I received this platter as an upgrade to my Pro-Ject Debut III.. After 2 years of using the stock steel platter and felt mat this platter is very welcomed. Like everyone else has said, there is an overall improvement in detail, I totally hear the improvement in bass and the spacial definition. It's just wonderful.

    Mike D


    Short and sweet: not only does this platter make your turntable look bitchin, it does make a positive impact on the sound as well. plus, you can decorate the underside of it and it looks very very hip. i recommend airbrushing for that.

    Chad P


    I'm thrilled with this Platter upgrade for my Debut III! It is truly worth every penny. Increased detail, more defined base, and it looks fantastic on the turntable. It makes it look far more expensive than it is. Highly recommended!



    Bought this for my Music Hall MMF-2.2, and it's surpassed my expectations. I bought this primarily to reduce static from the 2.2's awful felt pad, but I didn't expect such an improvement overall in sound. Bass feels tighter and punchier and significantly less muddy. The sound stage became more detailed. And of course, static and background noise is notched down a bit. My music sounds a lot more lively and dynamic. Couldn't be happier with this platter!



    I bought the acryl-it platter for my project-debut III because I got tired of the felt pad sticking to my records. Also, the felt pad created a lot of static build up. When I heard that the acryl-it platter would also change the sound I was really skeptical, I mean how could it affect the sound, I thought to myself. Well, boy was I wrong! It has made quite a difference! Tighter bass, spectacular mids, a warmer sound, and amazing spacial definition! I absolutely love it! Highly recommended!



    I got this based on Paul's recommendation over the phone. When I unpacked it I was underwhelmed, I couldn't believe that I spent $130 for a piece of plastic. But once it was in place and playing I was immediately aware of the quieter background on my Pro-ject Debut III usb. It has all but cured my static problems. My felt used to cling to the records after playing, now there doesn't seem to be any static build up. Money well spent and kudos to the ND staff for their recommendation.



    For owners of the Pro-Ject Debut III table looking for easy upgrades, this should be an easy one. I immediately noticed an improvement in clarity and background noise. Also, as system upgrades go, this one is as easy as picking up the old platter, and setting down the new one. And, as a bonus you can lose the static causing felt mat that comes standard with the unit!

    Remarkable for $100

    by -

    Remarkable. Not a huge jump, but a bit more bass and clarity. Well worth the $100