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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable System w/ Audioengine 5+ & Phono Box S (White)

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We include a 3' Molly RCA cable for connecting the Phono Box S to the Audioengines.

Look No Further

Needle Doctor offers one-stop shopping for high-quality, budget-friendly turntable, preamp & speaker packages. We've carefully curated these offerings so that you don't have to; they're tried and true, plug & play solutions for most classes of audio-enthusiast.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Entry-Level Audiophile Turntable

Sans bells & whistles but nonetheless feature-rich in terms of hifi, the Debut is our Old Faithful. No other 'table offers a one-piece carbon armtube, stripped-down, massive and acoustically friendly MDF plinth, milled-aluminum platter, and a well-isolated motor for this sort of cash. If that isn't enough (and believe us, it is), the factory-mounted and aligned Ortofon 2M Red seals the deal.

Audioengine 5+ Powered Bookshelf Speakers

In unison with the Pro-Ject Phono Box S, the 5+ powered speakers are ready to sing. You'll be plenty impressed with the sound that these bad-boys kick out, and what's more, they're equipped to accommodate any line-level source.

Pro-Ject Phono Box S MM/MC Phonostage w/ Adjustable Gain & Loading

As the Debut is our go-to 'table for its price/performance ratio, the Phono Box S is its equal as it pertains to preamps. It's got dip-switch adjustment for gain and loading, mating it optimally to most all cartridges on the market. With its perpetually slender profile and new circuitry, you'll be amazed by the sound this little gem is capable of reproducing.

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