Rega Elys 2 Cartridge

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2008 - Product Of The Year - Elys 2

The Elys was specifically designed with the RB300 in mind and has a three point mounting system. The sound quality over the Bias and S. Bias is most apparent with the dynamics and seperation between various musical instruments.

Rega entered the cartridge market in the early 80's and now has six moving-magnet designs. All cartridges are hand made by Rega utilizing custom coil winding techniques and ultra high precision molded bodies. The Rega cartridge is a one piece molding made of Pocan, a polymer with a hardness greater than industrial aluminum. Most cartridges loose high frequency energy by the movements generated in many joints created in conventional manufacturing. Most cartridges have five or six joints between the stylus mounting and the cartridge/headshell face. Rega cartridges have none! Most cartridges have to allow for large tolerances when manufacturing automatically with a reasonable gap of 0.7mm between the moving magnet and the pole pieces. This gap on Rega cartridges is only 0.25mm, much lower than any moving magnet cartridge we have tested.

New Bias 2 and Elys 2

The new Bias 2 and Elys 2 cartridges offer outstanding sound quality and value for money. Both of these proprietary designs use new parallel wound coils and pivot pads improving detail and accuracy. They also offer Rega’s unmatched level of mechanical integrity with no removable stylus to muddy musical waters and, in the Elys 2, a three point mounting is used for even greater rigidity.

Design – No Energy Sapping Joints

The Exact shares the same body molding as the rest of the new Rega cartridge range. The body molding is a one-piece body and has no energy sapping joints between the stylus mounting and headshell contact face. The headshell face is machined perfectly flat to ensure maximum contact between the cartridge and headshell.

Coil Winding – One-Third Less Wire

Rega has designed and developed its own coil-winding machine allowing them to manufacture coils in a completely new and innovative way. This means approximately one third less wire is used than in Rega’s previous cartridges producing a more efficient and reduced mass cartridge.

Packing – More for the Cartridge

Rega has not tried to create a false impression of product expense by using elaborate packaging. By using the simplest and inexpensive cartridge carton possible, yet still avoiding transit damage, Rega spends more on the cartridge itself - ensuring better value.

Assembly – Hand Crafted

Due to the design and extremely high tolerances of Rega cartridges, the assembly methods are more akin to watch making than to a mass production assembly line. Every cartridge is hand built. The highly skilled operatives use little more than tweezers and microscopes.

Each cartridge is then adjusted and tested twice during a 24-hour period. Such methods are expensive and time consuming but Rega feels the result is worth it. We know you will too!
  • Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV
  • Stylus: elliptical
  • Fixing: Rega three point fixing
  • Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils
  • Color: Blue
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    Alignment and mounting was simple for being my first time. Since breaking it in 4 years ago it has sounded simple fantastic the entire time. It even handles hot 45's with relative ease. I have yet to upgrade my cartridge so I can't really compare it to anything else outside budget p-mount turntable carts. I would say it's given me a very musical sound, and on well-pressed LPs the soundstage has been pretty damn deep too. Soon I will upgrade to dynavector, grado or ortofon and really then I will see if this Elys2 cartridge should've been better or if it really is as good as it has been all this time.



    factory fitted , i recheck ,oh!.. false allignment -caused IGD, correct it ,ah ha! beautiful singing from hf to lf ,fair 3d ENJOY

    Rega Elys 2 ...killer cart one and smile !!!


    This is an amazing cartridge built with passion and precision !
    To my ears , through my components it sounds alive.
    excellent separation and no false coloration.
    Review is a fancy word for opinion ...seriously if one person prefers Coffee W/ cream and the other guy likes it on really BETTER ? No ...the end user is happy and nothing else matters PERIOD !

    the Elys 2 from Rega is an outstanding cart that will make many Audiophiles very happy !
    Built very well sounds Excellent ...never get tired of this cart on my Rega p3

    Cartridges are as different as speakers.


    Just upgraded my Rega Planar 1 to a Planar 3 with the Elys 2 cartridge factory-installed (I rechecked the alignment before playing, and was impressed with the accuracy). I had upgraded the Planar 1 with the Rega white belt, a rubber/cork mat and a Grado Green 2 cartridge.

    I did an A/B test with both tables and carts. Fun stuff. The Grado Green is really a nice cartridge for vocals and instrumentals in the mid and lower ranges. Gives them heft and presence, and the emphasis is pretty addictive.

    When I switched to the Planar 3 and Elys, there was an immediate, noticeable difference: much more detail and clarity, the highs were back, and music that the Grado had left a bit in the background was much more present and enjoyable. And, this is with a cartridge that was literally almost out of the box. With time and much more playing, the Elys's sound should open up while keeping all the detail. It's going to be fun.