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Rega Fono Mini A2D USB Phono Preamp

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Digitize Your Records With Ease

The Rega Fono Mini A2D is both a quality moving magnet phono preamp and a USB analog-to-digital converter. The Fono Mini A2D is based on the MM phono stage of the Mira integrated amplifier, and features Rega’s legendary sound and build quality. The Fono Mini A2D's very user friendly front and back panels make it easy to get quality audio from your vinyl collection to your computer.

On the front panel of the extruded aluminum case you’ll find a USB output and two controls: one for level and one for balance. Simply install a digital audio editing program onto your computer. Such programs are widely available and often free (such as Audacity) from the internet. The software acts as a simple interface to monitor volume and balance while performing the transfer. Using the controls on the front panel of the Fono Mini A2D, you can adjust the levels for optimum recording quality. That’s it!
  • Input sensitivity: 5mV for 500mV output
  • Input loading: 47k +100pF
  • Maximum input level: 70mV @ 1kHz
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
  • Signal to noise ratio: 78dBA ref 5mV
  • Power requirements: 24VAC 85mA
  • Input for full scale digital output: 7.5mV
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    Vinyl Lover


    Totally underrated, better than other phono preamps I've used at this price. Input configuration is unusual, but your not going to see it anyway. Really nice dynamics, punchy sound and vivd tonal color. Did I mention, its actually made in the UK by Rega? You almost never see that anymore.

    Don Bingaman


    This is a very underrated phono stage. I am using mine in my office system driving a Meridian Audio Core 200. The TT is a Denon DP-75 DD in a custom plinth which incorporates the Rega preamp. Tonearm is the legendary Mission Mechanic, and the cartridge is a Soundsmith-modified Clearaudio Maestro Wood. Excellent sound.

    Marcel Levi


    Great little box. Previously, I would run an RCA-to-1/8" stereo cable between my Macbook and Rega Mira3 for ripping vinyl. The pre-amp output levels on the Rega somehow got messed up, so I was out of luck until I got this little guy. RP is a Technics SL-1200MK2 w/ a 120E cartridge. Previously, used CD Spin Doctor, which is now discontinued/unsupported, and wasn't working properly on my new iMac w/ OS 10.8. After downloading Audacity (Rega's recc) and a pretty steep learning curve, I am back in business. I'm so pleased w/ the A2D/Audacity combo I've re-ripped some records and the difference is awesome. Like Peter said, the earth connection on the front w/ the RCAs on the back is annoying, but it's not for show. Highly recommended.

    Peter P Wilson


    I use this phono stage in conjunction with Rega Carbon and AT95 cartridges from a Jelco 750D and AT1120 arms. Interconnects are Chord. TT is a laboratory test bed with Linn bearing and sub platter driven by a remotely housed Linn motor on a 10kg massive stainless base and black American oak plinth. This phono stage has a built in ADC and provides unbelievable value. Quality and flexibility, low noise. Earth tag could be better located, but that's all at this price point