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Rega Planar 3 Turntable

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$945.00 to $1,145.00

Rega P3 - A Needle Doctor Go-To 'Table

Upon its release in 2016, Rega's latest Planar 3 (P3) was a home run. Its simple set-up and ease-of-use make it a joy to work with. You've not handled a turntable with such tight tolerances as well as hand-built charm at this price. This, however, says little of its sonic performance, which is nothing short of magical - an opinion on which we are far from alone...

The World's Most Reliable Arm - Improved

RB330 tonearm - Designed using the latest 3D CAD & CAM technology, the new RB330 is the culmination of more than 35 years of tonearm design experience. Featuring a brand new bearing housing, and our latest tonearm tube designed using intelligent redistribution of mass ensure this arm will exhibit fewer points of possible resonance. Extreme stability with almost friction free movement from the new high precision bearing assemblies guarantees to gather more information from your vinyl than ever before.

An Industry-Standard Turntable - Refined

Replacing the multi award winning and five times What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year (RP3) was never going to be an easy task. It took our team of designers headed up by Rega's Roy Gandy, two years to develop the all new 'Planar 3' following the biggest re-design of the iconic 'three' model ever seen. Our team have worked tirelessly to improve every aspect of this turntable offering improved ergonomics, usability and first and foremost, sonic performance.The new ‘Planar 3’ is truly a new turntable for 2016 carrying over just two components from the previous model.

What Hifi? 2018 Best Value in Market Award

To date, the generational changes have always been about steady evolution, with the aim of improving performance. But by the company’s usual standards, the shift from the RP3, our current Product of the Year, to this new 2016 Planar 3 is seismic. Just about every part has been revised to give a proper jump up in sound quality, and perhaps for the first time, the company has also tried to make it look slicker too ... Rega has been developing the Planar 3 for decades and there’s no doubt the product has steadily improved over the years. We think this new version is the best RP3 yet, adding extra servings of clarity, precision and insight to an already musical sound. Want the best value on the market? This is it.

Nearly 50 Years Evolved

The current Rega Planar 3 & RB330 combo is the culmination of decades worth of research & implementation, each iteration more adept in fidelity than the last. The P3 series has long been the industry standard among budget-minded audiophiles, and truly there are few machines on the market that offer such value. Enjoy the below timeline of the 'table, arm & PSU's evolution!

  • 2017 - NEO TT-PSU turntable power supply - current
  • 2016 - Planar 3 turnable - current
  • 2016 - RB330 tonearm - current
  • 2013 - TTPSU MK2 turntable power supply: small case
  • 2011 - RP3 Turntable: 12mm glass platter
  • 2011 - RB303 tonearm
  • 2007 - Planar P3-24 turntable: 12mm glass platter
  • 2007 - RB301 tonearm: 3-point armboard mounting
  • 2001 - TTPSU turnable power supply upgrade
  • 2000 - Planar 3 2000 turntable: 12mm glass platter
  • 1983 - RB300 tonearm
  • 1976 - Planar 3 (original): 12mm glass platter
  • 1975 - Planar turntable: With aluminium platter, only 200 made
  • 1973 - Planet turntable: Three spoke, steel & aluminium platter with Acos Lustre tonearm
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  • RB330 Featuring a new bias assembly, re-designed stiffer vertical bearing housing, integrated arm clip and an improved spring housing with easier to read numbers
  • Rega made, new low capacitance phono cable with Neutrik plugs
  • Improved lower friction, precision horizontal and vertical arm bearings
  • New design 100g mild steel balance counterweight
  • Plinth - High gloss acrylic, laminated plinth, stiffer and vastly improved appearance, ergonomically positioned power switch
  • Two plinth finishes at launch: gloss black & gloss white
  • Double braces - Improved thicker 3mm phenolic bottom brace and new metalised skin phenolic top brace
  • Bearing housing – New brass main hub central bearing, improved fit and construction reducing stress on the bearing itself
  • Sub platter - Re-designed sub platter, improved accuracy and improved stiffness
  • Platter - New float glass ‘Optiwhite’ polished rim 12mm – Improved accuracy in manufacture and stunning looks
  • Re-designed foot - New improved foot to increase stability and reduce vibration transfer
  • 24V motor - Improved new motor control PCB with integration for the addition of TT-PSU for electronic speed change and improved advanced anti-vibration circuit (sold separately)
  • Motor cover tray with integrated cooling
  • Technical:

  • Hand assembled RB330 tonearm
  • 24v low noise motor / 12mm float glass platter
  • Lightweight double braced plinth
  • Precision main bearing
  • Optional factory fitted Elys2 MM cartridge
  • Compatible with the TT-PSU electronic speed change and power supply box (optional)
  • Dimensions (lid closed): H 11.7 x W 44.7 x D 36 cm
  • Weight: 6kg
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    Ron, Kenosha WI


    Thrilled with my Rega Planar 3 with Elys 2. Grateful for the excellent customer service before and after the sale provided by Needle Doctor and Brian L in particular. The table was packed very carefully and the shipping was ridiculously fast (ordered late Sunday night, received Tuesday morning, and that's with ground shipping). My previous table is a fully loaded U-Turn Orbit with a very respectable Ortofon Blue cart, a great option in its price range. But the Planar 3 with Elys 2 sounds more alive and open, warmer and more spacious, with punchier bass. It sounded terrific out of the box and even better after 25 hours of break-in. I had read mixed things about the Elys 2, mostly from people who are accustomed to $500 carts, so I was thinking about ordering my Planar 3 with an Exact 2. But for budget reasons, I didn't, and I can tell you now I don't regret that at all. When the Elys 2 wears out, I'll consider an Exact 2--or maybe another Elys 2. For now, I'm perfectly happy with the Elys 2 and I think most people will be, too. I'm tempted by the $400 external Rega power supply upgrade with the single button speed change. But I've been duped before by expensive accessories that promised to improve sound quality but didn't make much difference (record puck, expensive power strip, expensive power cable for my integrated amp). So maybe the smart thing to do would be wait until I'm in the Minneapolis area, visit Needle Doctor, and listen to their Rega Planar 3 with and without the external power supply to hear for myself how much if any difference it makes.



    To my mind, this is perfect out of the box for 99% of budget-minded audiophiles looking for a set-it-and-forget-it TT. The tonearm, plinth, and platter are works of art, and worth the price of admission. The sound is fun, big, detailed, and accommodating for a wide range of music. However, I do pine for a cart with a wider sound stage and better top-end sparkle. That said, I'm not running out to replace the stock Elys. I have a record spinning right now, and it sounds amazing. For those times when I listen more critically, I can hear the limits of the Elys; if the P3 came with the Rega Exact, it would be perfect. Overall, highly recommend this TT at this price point. As a bonus, this new iteration of the P3 LOOKS GREAT, which really wasn't the case for the RP3. It's really quite beautiful--clean, modern, yet user friendly.

    PT Bertilsson


    I love how this turntable just picks the music apart to let you in and enjoy all of its parts. Rhythmic, punchy, clear, and a lot of fun! But it also sounds very accurate with sweet resolution and wonderful imaging and depth. I use it with an Exact 2 cartridge and I will never need better sound than this, although I confess I'm curious about the external power supply. Used with a fully restored Scott 299B tube amp and Cambridge Aero 6 speakers. The combination makes for very light, airy, and punchy sound with deep authoritative bass. There's so much joy coming out of this turntable!

    Jerry B


    This is a totally awesome turntable for the price!. The packaging for shipment couldn't have been any better. Items arrived in perfect working order right out of the box. Sound is superior with the factory mounted Elys 2 cartridge.

    Zappa, Beefheart, Qui...the Planar 3 takes you on a sonic adventure!


    The new P 3 is in the music room with my other favorite components. The guys at Needle Doctor put the 2M Bronze on and got it all set up for me.
    I was so pleased to find this turntable was well assembled and packed and was ready to go in 20 minutes after coming out of the box, and that included actually reading the manual. This was really easy! Smooth, elegant and firm. Not fragile.
    I am also 'one of those' who really likes the Bose 901 speakers for sonic detail. The combination of P 3 and 2M Bronze sent sounds that never reached these speakers before.
    Zappa and Beefheart push it for an old timer like me, and new L.A. mutant punk jazz duo called Qui on vinyl really made the whole thing light up. You can't go wrong with this package.

    A great purchase.

    by -

    I recently purchased a Rega Planar P3 Turntable mounted with the Ortofon 2M Black phono cartridge and I couldn't be more thrilled with my purchase, as well as the service I received from the Needle Doctor.
    All the pieces performed together flawlessly, and while I only have about 25 hours on the P3 and the 2M Black the sonic signature is stunning.
    The sound stage and imaging are incredibly 3 dimensional and the amount of detail that Shibata draws out of LPs is something I hadn't imagined. I also won't forget to add that the setup of the P3 couldn't be more simple.
    Thank you for a great product and your wonderful service Needle Doctor.