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Rega Turntable Belt Upgrade

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Rega Upgrade Belt

It's hard to imagine that a belt can impact the sound of your turntable dramatically, but that's exactly what the Rega Upgrade Belt does. It's compatible with all Rega turntables, and immediately improves the overall sound. Bass is especially more defined, and overall clarity is enhanced from the first spin. Rhythm and pacing is at the heart of what makes a great turntable and if you can improve that area in a noticeable way, all of your records can sound new again. We're happy to recommend this belt to anyone who owns a Rega turntable.

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$60 for a rubber belt? I have been thinking about this upgrade for a while. My old belt had a kink in it that I could see while turning, probably caused by letting the Rega sit with the belt on unused for a period. Well the personal recommendation from the friendly ND fellow who helped me yesterday finally got me to pull out my credit card. I will say from the moment I pulled it out of the package I could tell it wasn't wasted money, the regular belt seems like crap compared to this white jewel. By the time I had it installed I new it was going to give my Rega P3 new life. I let it run for just an hour and put on the Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot (in red vinyl!) and as the other reviews had note, speed stability had improved, everything sounded more solid and grounded, the noise level seemed to have dropped to, and no idea why, but the midrange and treble were more detailed- maybe my old AT is tracking better. I was thinking about the motor upgrade for my old P3 suspended motor, but I may just enjoy this improvement for while and save some cash. It is some cheap happiness when I look at it that way!



I replaced the stock belt on my P1 with this new white belt upgrade. The Rega packaging literature on the product states that users will notice an immediate improvement. My first impression of the product after installation wasn't astounding, but I did immediately notice an overall improvement. I then let it break in for about 12 hours of continuous running and listened again. This upgrade has definitely changed the sound of my table for the better overall. Specific areas of improvement include: -Pitch stability: Piano finally sounds acceptable on vinyl for me. From the tighter and more audible hammer strikes to sweet sounding transients on those extended notes, the difference is clear and better. -Great bass extension while tightening it up at the same time. It's amazing how much of the music improves as a result of this one benefit, from drums to male vocals. -More detail in the mids/treble as well. -A deeper soundstage. What I mean is not that it was far away, but that some instruments / voices were positioned in a 3D space that had increased depth, with some moving closer to the listening position and others moving further away. -Less surface noise. Highly recommended!

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I bought this belt last Saturday at Ovation Ultimate. The results are amazing. The belt made my P3-24 more definitive in every aspect. The sound is more vibrant and alive. The bass is richer and rounder, the mid range is warm and full and the highs are more accurate and articulate. This upgrade is a true bargain.

Worth it!


I've been reading hype about this upgrade for a few years, and I finally decided to drop $60 for the new belt after I watched Michael Fremer's tour of the Rega factory where Roy Gandy discusses the engineering and manufacturing processes behind the white belt (which is really impressive). I figured that if the white belt ended up being a lateral upgrade I wouldn't be out that much money. Turns out that all the noise made from the stock black belt immediately disappeared as soon as I replaced it with the white belt. I can't claim that the sound of the music changed in any dramatic way (which some reviewers claim), but the noise from my turntable is now dramatically reduced, and the platter spins up very smoothly. With turntables, precision is the name of the game, and this belt is obviously engineered to much higher specs than the stock black belt. A cheap upgrade that actually makes a difference. This belt should be standard issue for Rega turntables. A great purchase.

Initial Thoughts

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After eight hours of my Planar 3 table spinning with the new belt, before playing any records, my initial thoughts would include a much quieter mechanical noise floor and more details coming out of the records from top to bottom. Not night and day at this point but a noticeable difference, imho. Looking forward to hearing this continue to settle in over the coming weeks and months. Very happy with the purchase! Thanks again, Brian, for your assistance!