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Rek-O-Kut Dust Bug Brush Kit

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Stop Dust in its Tracks

Our latest product is an auxiliary arm with a carbon fiber brush. This device constantly cleans records while they play. Not only that, but the carbon fiber brush discharges the record surface of all static electricity, thus removing all static discharges and pops that can annoy and frustrate the listener. The DUST BUG is solidly built of all metal parts. It can be adhered with its self-adhesive base safely to any playing deck and accommodate platters up to 2 - 1/8 inches (55 mm) in height. Arm height is easily adjusted by a thumbscrew, and its downward pressure by a sliding weight. Included is ground wire and a cleaning brush.

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Indi Rock


I didn't know how much I needed this till I got it. Been cleaning with soft cotton cloth, thought disks were REALLY clean. Got the Rekokut brush stylus. Found that it is full of dust after each play when I thought the disk was clean. I'm definitely dealing in Audiophile standards personally and this brush is really worth the price for the clear way it is preserving the mint condition of my Vinyl. Has a Ground wire which attaches to a ground, sucks the dust and static off of the playing surface. Tracks the record with the needle so the groove is always clean. Comes with a little manual brush to clean both the needle and the stylus brush. My vinyl sounds like a CD in lack of surface noise, and of course far better than a CD in audio quality. I want to keep it that way, and I can't say enough now about this Rekokut brush stylus, and how much I love it.

Tonko Papic


Spectacular cleaning. Now, the stylus is clean... record after record. The best "In playing" cleaning brush. And... it has an "Antistatic" cable.



Does what it is suppose to do, love it, wish it had an arm rest, then it would be perfect.