Ringmat Record Mat

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Launched in 1992, Ringmat was then a new method of record support and the first that had been properly designed for the generation of an accurate, low distortion signal. Its unique design enables 12" records to be supported so that the main vibration modes of record movement - caused by the input of stylus energy - give the minimum possible error signal. This allows for improved tracking and, as a result, a reduction in stylus and record wear. With Ringmat, there is a reduction of background noise with a cleaner, crisper and yet more delicate sound, together with a wider and deeper soundstage; there is an enhanced sense of power, with greater weight and authority in the bass.

Ringmat 330XLR

Celebrating 10 years of RINGMAT design, this was the first new RINGMAT to be introduced since 1996. Based on the immensely successful 330 MkII XLR, which continues in its new guise (see below), the ANNIVERSARY RINGMAT (see right) has the anti-resonance “cut-outs” to be found in RINGMAT Spacers and new concepts for the operation of the rings.

With the other RINGMATS, the rubber-based adhesive used included a polyester carrier, which acted as an interface between the cork rings and the special paper substrate. With the ANNIVERSARY, the acrylic adhesive used does not involve a carrier and a more direct contact is made between the cork rings and the substrate. This not only creates a more immediate sense of presence in the sound, with far more detail retrieved, but also provides a much stronger bond between the rings and the paper.

The anti-resonance “cut-outs” improves the dynamics of LP sound reproduction; the amount of information retrieved is greater and this also helps create a much larger, wider sound stage. This is particularly impressive when the ANNIVERSARY RINGMAT is used as part of the RINGMAT SUPPORT SYSTEM. In this instance, we suggest the “cut-outs” in the ANNIVERSARY RINGMAT are aligned with the direction of the “cut-outs” in the Spacers, with the LP STATMAT and RINGCAP also following the pattern. Because the individual components are of a different size, the “cut-outs” do not directly overlay each other, but the general layout and direction, based on the position of the Spacers, will be clear.

Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat – ‘Real Ale’ Version

In 2012, we were delighted to announce a revised version of our best selling Anniversary Gold Spot Ringmat called the “Real Ale” version. This primarily involved a change in the paper we used, to one containing beer grains instead of cotton. This happily occurred because the paper we had been using from the very beginning of Ringmat suddenly no longer became available due to the closure of the paper manufacturer we had been using – we say “happily”, because when it happened there was great concern whether we could find an alternative paper that would provide a level of performance to that which we had enjoyed for many years; in the event, the “Real Ale” paper was even better for making Ringmats, but it was thicker and therefore could not so easily be used for the thinner Ringmats, especially as the thinner paper that had been used for the Ringmat 200 and 250 was also no longer available.

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