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Rogue Audio Atlas II Power Amp

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Vacuum tube audio amplifiers have long been recognized by the audio community as providing significantly better sonics than solid state transistor-based designs. Unfortunately, well designed vacuum tube products are much more expensive to produce than their solid state counterparts. As a result, this superior technology has only been available to a small but fortunate group of audio enthusiasts. Enter Rogue Audio.

Our amplifier designs combine the finest in tube-circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Unflagging attention to the integrity of the audio signal path and power supplies results in truly superior designs. The most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through our amplifiers.

The Titan series of products presented us with a significant engineering challenge; to create truly high end products at entry level prices. We believe we have succeeded! The Titan series offers outstanding performance and build quality that is accessible to almost anyone with a love for great sounding music. Entirely hand built in the USA, the Titan products are assembled to the same exacting standards as our most expensive amplifiers. Since their introduction last year they have won numerous industry awards.

Magnum Upgrade Details

The "MAGNUM" versions of the Titan series features significant parts upgrades that improve performance in your Atlas, Metis or Cronus in a number of important ways. Increased transparency, greater dynamics, improved bass and high frequency response, as well as a smoother and more refined presentation are all part of the Magnum upgrade. The extensive power supply mods permit the use of the KT120 power tube which increases the rated output power of the Atlas and Cronus to 90WPC! Please note that all of our current products other than the Titan series already use Magnum type parts. The Magnum package consist of the following modifications:

Larger power supply

Power supply mods

Polypropylene bypass capacitors

Precision Dale-Vishay resistors in critical spots

Upgraded binding posts

Gold tube sockets

Upgraded small signal tubes

KT120 output tubes

Magnum logo on faceplate
  • All precision components
  • Built in bias meter on amplifiers makes biasing a snap
  • Fully tested, burned in, and auditioned
  • Available in Anodized Black or Natural Silver
  • Power requirements: 115V/60Hz
  • 3 year limited warranty (6 months on tubes)
  • Technical:
  • 100 WPC
  • 20Hz-30Khz bandwidth
  • 4 and 8 ohm taps
  • KT-120 output tubes, (2) 12AU7 driver tubes, (2)12AX7 input tubes
  • Optional tube cage
  • 18” W X 17” D X 5.5” H
  • 50 lbs (55 lbs shipping weight)
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