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Comments from Rogue Vacuum tube audio amplifiers have long been recognized by the audio community as providing significantly better sonics than solid state transistor-based designs. Unfortunately, well designed vacuum tube products are much more expensive to produce than their solid state counterparts. As a result, this superior technology has only been available to a small but fortunate group of audio enthusiasts. Enter Rogue Audio. Our amplifier designs combine the finest in tube-circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Unflagging attention to the integrity of the audio signal path and power supplies results in truly superior designs. The most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through our amplifiers. The matchless quality of Rogue amplifiers is obvious at first glance. However, Rogue’s quality is not just skin deep. Ultra-high tolerance components, two-ounce copper circuit boards, and silver plated switches are just a few of the many features which separate Rogue products from the competition. Our amplifiers have been designed to be extremely reliable. Electronic components are rated far beyond their intended use, and only the highest quality components are incorporated into our designs. The rugged aluminum chassis are treated to resist scratching and corrosion and the machined aluminum faceplate and knobs are anodized to protect their appearance. At Rogue Audio, we believe that a truly great performing amplifier should dress the part. And from the heavy aluminum faceplate and knobs to the gold connectors in the rear, Rogue amplifiers speak to the audiophile’s aesthetic sense. Our expressive appearance is the brainchild of world class industrial designers who have created a perfect unity of form and function. The sophisticated styling and elegant lines of our amplifiers are intended to please the upscale tastes of high-end devotees. High-end amplifiers typically command stratospheric prices. Rogue Audio was founded on the belief that great amplifiers can be designed and manufactured at affordable prices. Rogue products provide outstanding value with performance that rivals the very best amplifiers at any price. Our amplifiers are engineered using a quality-by-design philosophy, and every one of our components is hand assembled and tested by highly skilled technicians and engineers. The confidence we have in our products is evidenced by a generous warranty that is certain to please today’s quality-conscious consumer. M-180 Details Power, Grace, and Precision -- when you are ready for the ultimate in vacuum tube amplification, look no further than the Rogue Audio M-180 monoblocks. With 180 Watts of pure tube power, these monoblocks stunningly accomplish the impossible. After drawing the curtains aside on a soundstage of full height, width, and depth, the pace and musicality of the M-Series provide a riveting performance that will leave you breathless. And along with their profound sonic merits, the monoblocks are aesthetically exquisite amplifiers that will stoically serve as the cornerstones of your system. Using circuitry derived from our Zeus amplifier, the M-180s are marked by an exceptional design that places it squarely at the forefront of tube technology. Just a few of the notable features are a "slow start" logical turn-on for extended tube life, a massive high capacity power supply, and the ability to externally switch between either ultra-linear or pure triode operation.The highly efficient design also means cool running and greatly extended tube life. Other refinements include balanced (XLR) and RCA inputs, mechanically isolated transformers, matched octets of KT120 output tubes, and separate 4 and 8 ohm taps on the rear. In keeping with Rogue Audio's "quality by design" philosophy, only the finest components are used in the amplifier's construction, truly making the M-Series ... An Intelligent Indulgence. Stereophile Review The Rogue Audio M-180s gave me almost all that I expect from and desire in a power amplifier, and at a price I could conceivably afford. I also feel that the $1000 upgrade from the M-150 is worth every penny. The M-180s offer higher resolution, better bass, and a more defined stereo image than the M-150s. The Rogue M-180 deserves to be at the top of every audiophile's list of amps that deliver high performance in almost every aspect of playback—something I'd say even if they cost $10,000/pair. Maybe it shouldn't be so amazing that the Rogue M-180, built and designed in the US, retails for only $5495/pair. Is my first full Stereophile review a rave? As we say here in Minnesota, you betcha. I rave about the Rogue M-180s because they do so much so right in so many ways for a price that is so good. I realize that, with my very first review, I've also become yet another audio reviewer who says the product du jour is the best thing since sliced bread. But I've been waiting a long time to write a review for Stereophile, and even longer to hear an amp of this quality that I might actually be able to afford. My wait is over. Positive Feedback Review In conclusion, while I can readily summon up vivid images of several fantastic amps with distinct performance parameters and sound signatures that I find most fulfilling—maybe even more fulfilling—I cannot for the life of me imagine, nor have I ever heard, any tube amps at the Rogue's price point with more drive and nuance, which are easier to listen to, or possess a more pleasing, musical tonality and coherent presentation than the M-150 amplifiers—they are simply glorious. Not expensive enough for some august members of our little congregation, to be sure, but a little slice of heaven for the rest of us. User Manual
  • Ultra-wide bandwith output transformers
  • Massive high storage power supply
  • True balanced and single ended inputs
  • Heavy-duty gold plated XLR and RCA inputs
  • External switch for triode or ultralinear operation
  • Integral bias meter makes biasing a snap
  • (4) KT120, (2) 12AU7, (1) 12AX7 tubes (ea.)
  • Both 4 and 8 ohm output taps provided
  • 1/2" machined and engraved faceplate
  • Heavy-duty gold plated binding posts
  • All precision components
  • Mechanically isolated transformers
  • Welded-wire tube cage
  • Heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit board
  • Machined aluminum faceplate
  • Matched octets of output tubes
  • Entirely designed and built in the USA
  • Fully tested, burned-in, and auditioned
  • 3 year limited warranty (6 months on tubes)

  • Technical Data:
  • output power: 180WPC minimum
  • frequency response: 5Hz - 50KHz ± 1dB
  • THD: <0.1% typ., <1% at rated power
  • input sensitivity: 1.0V RMS
  • input impedance: 200K Ohms
  • dimensions: 14½"W x 7"H x 19"D
  • weight: 55 lbs. ea.
  • power requirements: 115/230V - 50/60Hz
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    Rich O'Keeffe, Berwyn Pa


    I have owned the 150s for some three or four years now. I can't tell you how happy I am with this purchase. The bass, depth, warmth just great. I would do it again in a second.