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Rothwell Audio MC1-H Step-up Transformer

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MC1-H Step-up Transformer

The MC1-H is a step-up transformer designed specifically for “high output” moving coil cartridges where the output voltage is significantly lower than a typical moving magnet cartridge (which is about 5mV). Cartidges in this category include the: Denon DL-110, Denon DL-160, Benz Micro MC Silver, Hana EH, Hana SH and Roksan Shiraz.

Any high output mc cartridge with an output voltage in the range 0.8mV to 1.8mV will benefit from an increased signal level and improved signal-to-noise ratio when used with the MC1-H. Cartridges in the range 1.8mV to 2.5mV may also benefit from the MC1-H.
  • turns ratio - 1:3.2
  • voltage gain - 10dB (x3.2)
  • input impedance* - 400 ohms
  • optimum load impedance** - 47k + 150pF
  • bandwidth - 5Hz - 36kHz (+0/-3dB)
  • cartridge compatibility (o/p) - 0.8mV - 1.8mV (ideal), 1.8mV - 2.5mV (acceptable)
  • cartridge compatibility (imp.) - internal impedance <200 ohms
  • dimensions - 60 x 155 x 92 mm
  • weight - 580g
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