Shure M92E

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Discontinued by Shure. Currently unavailable.

The versatile M92E fits both of the major types of tone-arm mounts in use today. This high-value model offers faithful sound reproduction at a very attractive price. A natural bi-radial diamond tip teamed with a tubular aluminum alloy stylus cantilever accurately traces the grooves of your records for a difference you can hear.

Fits both of the major types of tonearm mounts in use today, making it compatible with over 85% of turntables. Biradial Diamond Tip + Tubular Aluminum Alloy Stylus Cantilever. Accurately traces the grooves of your records for smooth sound throughout the frequency range.
  • Universal mount
  • Biradial diamond tip
  • Tubular aluminum alloy stylus cantilever
  • Standard mount adapter
  • Mounting hardware
  • Stylus guard
  • Low Tracking Force
  • Minimizes wear on your irreplaceable vinyl collection
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    Eric M.


    A nice cartridge for Shure. Sound is balanced in all aspects. Compared to my other carts (Shure 680el2 and 1, M44-7, Empire 100 ?; on sl-1200mkII's), this M92E is mounted in a sl-j33 and it is very pleasing to listen to. So far I've not had any issues. Tracks well. Ticks and pops are minimal. Sound is smooth and viverant. I have nothing negative to say.



    Ordered this for my Technics SL-J33. Sounds like new again! Very Pleased!



    The M92E is a solid performer. I have used the cartridge on my vintage Technics SL-QL5 Linear tracking turntable and my Realistic Lab 1500 Linear tracking Turntable. It is very musical and handles complex musical passages with ease. The high end is smooth and pleasant and the low is punchy and defned, never boomy. I have listened for hours at a time and my ears never felt fatigued. For the money I was happily surprised and will keep one on one of these tables in the future.

    Alan W.


    It can't possibly be any good for $40, but it is. If you have a Technics P-mount belt drive this is the best cartridge for that turntable. Very musical and a great tracker at only 1.25 grams.



    I have an old MCS that I believe was made by Technics about 28 years ago. It came standard with an Audio Tecnica cart. I just recently replaced it with one of these and I must say this old player never sounded this clear.



    It does what it does the way that I want it done. Value and quality. There you go.



    I guess every price range has its great performers. In the ridiculously cheap range, (25.00), this is the one. A nice balanced sound. Not particularly revealing but musical. A great second turntable cartridge. Allign and track the cart properly and you will be happy.