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So Simple It Works!!!

-Guaranteed to improve the sonic performance of most turntables. -Made of a synthetic cork blend designed for military use. -Works with or without a clamp or weight, effectively coupling the record to the platter. -Does not trap dust and provides superior protection from the hard surface of the platter. -Measuring at 298mm by only 1/32 of an inch thick, it can be stacked for quick VTA adjustment. On a 9” tonearm 1/32 of an inch equals 1/5 of one degree. 100% made in America. -Custom sizes available, call for details
Brian at Needle Doctor reviews the Simple Mat I love this mat! The sonic virtues are apparent immediately - bass tightens up, vocals come forward, and more air is put around the instruments. Apart from the musical improvements, there are a multitude of other benefits. Firstly, it's far less prone to stick to the vinyl than stock felt mats. Second, and this must come from the rubber/cork hybrid construction, I find that it grips the vinyl much more easily than other mats. This results in speed stability that's easy to hear. I can't recommend it enough!

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My Rega RP6 with Rega Exact cartridge was the most dramatic improvement I have ever made in my system, but I have never liked the slippy felt mat. I wanted something with better "grip" and this mat does that nicely. As a bonus, I notice a subtle clearing of sound. Voices and instruments are better defined. Glad I bought it.



$26.95 for a thin disc of cork!?! Worth every penny and more. NO MORE FELT MAT STATIC! Quieter, blacker on my Project.

PJ Rey


What I love about this mat is how thin it is. Avoids all the static issues with felt. I only wish it came in black.

john edwards


this is a good mat. pleased with purchase.



The Simple Mat takes you where no other mat has taken you before...(At least for the low price of the mat)



replaced my Rega felt mat with this.No more static. The felt mat is currently being used under a bowl of hot soup as a placemat.



I picked up this mat at the store and had high hopes, but I found that it created an odd problem with the Goldring G1.2 turntable that I bought at ND years ago. The mat, on the G1.2, created a high point at the spindle to the point that I could rock the record back and forth about 1/8 of an inch. At first, I thought I'd chosen a run of warped records, but when I switched back to the felt mat, they lay flat. I moved the mat to my old Dual 1229. The center of that platter is recessed a bit so I didn't have the problem. I still don't understand why it has this problem with the G1.2 UPDATE: I want to upgrade my review from three stars to five (since I can't delete the previous review). I've been in contact with Jeff, the manufacturer of the Simple Mat, and he's provided a solution to the problem I was having in the above review. The mat is functioning beautifully now. Thank you Jeff and ND for customer service above and beyond...



This little gem did a couple of things to improve my setup. First of all, no more static as the Simple Mat virtually eliminates the static build up that rubber or felt mats produce. Secondly, i notice an improved high end with my set up where cymbals are more distinct and have sustain. Highly recommend this mat.



Bought this mat to use in my VPI 16.5 record cleaner to put down for the clean side of the records during cleanings. it's nice and thin so it doesn't mess up the record clamp and it goes on an off very easily. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that wanted a second "clean" mat to put down after cleaning the 1st side of a record for the VPI record cleaners.



It's the small things … immediate difference in sound. Everything feels more gelled, warmer … even a touch thicker without changing the intent of the music. A great addition and noticeable improvement for just few bucks. Recommended.



This mat does do something to the sound of your records. I heard a more open soundstage right off the bat when I played the first record. More defined highs and tighter bass. The only thing I have a tiny problem with is the mids are a bit more pronounced then I like them to be. Over all for the price, it's a great product!

Wonderful mat!

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I love this mat! I've tried felt and other cork mats and keep coming back to it. It grips the record well and is far and away the least prone to static than any mat I've tried.

This sh*t works

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I got this for my Pro-Jet Debut Carbon Espirit SB with Ortofon 2m Bronze cartridge and it has me spinning more records than usual. It actually removed some noise.