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Sota Cosmos Eclipse Turntable

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$8,500.00 to $9,700.00

Special order item. Ships in 1 to 2 weeks.

$8,500.00 to $9,700.00

Special order item. Ships in 1 to 2 weeks.

The COSMOS Represents the Ultimate Expression of SOTA’s Critically Acclaimed Turntable Engineering

To neutralize the resonant LP, to couple it hard and fast against the ideal surface, the design objectives of Dynamic Stability (the control of forces present in a dynamic system), Environmental Isolation (the control of forces from "outside" the turntable’s world), Easy Set-up (guaranteed results in all situations), Control Over Vinyl Resonance and Variations (which would otherwise undermine the performance of even the best turntables), and Control Over Power Line Impurities (which are present in all installations and result in sonic anomalies if not controlled), are all addressed in the design of the SOTA COSMOS turntable. With the SOTA COSMOS, turntable design has been carried to its logical conclusion, with the most comprehensive, scientific approach to identifying all the universal variables that undermine pure signal retrieval.

The COSMOS takes ultimate rigidity/mass damping in sub-assembly, arm mounting, motor coupling and bearing structure to new absolutes. The chassis is hung on a floating seismic platform of four-point spring suspension. The chassis utilizes a one-piece milled solid aluminum sub-assembly as the foundation. It is so effective that the platter, motor and arm block are mounted directly on the suspended sub-chassis. This provides an unvarying geometry between the motor and the turntable. The dampened sub-chassis and multi-layered platter isolate the arm and record surface from motor vibrations.

The COSMOS utilizes SOTA’s internally dampened, multi-layer 15-pound vacuum platter system with the Vinyl Format Mat. The dampened platter with Vinyl Format exactly matches the mechanical impedance of record vinyl - further optimized by its total inertness. The record, mat and platter function as a single, non-resonant entity. The COSMOS platter incorporates SOTA’s inverted bearing assembly design, utilizing a polished sapphire thrust plate with zirconium bearing. The SOTA self-sensing record-hold-down system uses a high-tech pneumatic sensing circuit to provide vacuum clamping and maintenance of exact low-pressure vacuum hold-down. The synthesized sine-wave drive 24-pole A/C stepper motor, designed for critical computerized motion use, has electronic speed control and speed change.

The COSMOS Vacuum Turntable includes the Cosmos Armboard, for universal tonearm compatibility, and a Reflex Clamp. The Cosmos Armboard is multi layers of acrylic, aluminum and lead in a constrained mode and high polished. The ultimate mechanical clamping system, the SOTA Reflex Clamp assures intimate contact between the record and the mat over its entire surface. The clear beveled-seamed acrylic dust cover with tension hinges is available as an additional cost option.
  • Rumble: Less than -60db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000Hz)
  • Wow & flutter: Less than .04% RMS
  • Suspension: Tuned 4-point stretched-spring sub-chassis, 2.55 Hz frequency
  • Platter: Individually balanced 12 lb one-piece cast platter with internal damping, lead flywheel ring, SOTA Vinyl Format Platter Mat, molded silicone vacuum lip and anti-static Groove Damper Mat
  • Vacuum system: Electronic-sensing, provides LP clamping vacuum pressure of 3.0” Hg, +/- 0.2” Hg
  • Shaft: Hardened steel, hand matched to sintered bronze sleeves
  • Motor: 24 Pole A/C Stepper Motor
  • Bearing: Thrust pad; polished sapphire disc; thrust point: zirconium ball
  • Transmission: Belt driven
  • Speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM, electronically switchable with fine tuning
  • Weight: 44 lbs. (20 kg) turntable only; 20 lbs. (9 kg each) Pump/Power Supply
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2" H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4" W, 16-1/2" D
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