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51 Reviews
Using the Spin-Clean system is easy. Simply mix the record cleaning solution with water in the tank, rotate the record through the solution and a pair of record brushes located on each side scrub the record clean, then remove the record, place on flat surface and wipe dry with the drying cloth, flip over and wipe dry the other side.

Secret Advantage

SPIN CLEAN record washing system's secret weapon is it's special washer fluid. This formula encapsulates the dirt and keeps it suspended in the system instead of evaporating or redepositing it back on to your valuable record. Only SPIN CLEAN record washing system uses this secret formula.

The Hand Held Brush or The SPIN CLEAN Record Washing System

At the instant of contact how can you tell that you're pushing hard enough or if you have enough liquid on your brush, is it removing smudges and fingerprints? With SPIN CLEAN record washing system, it's easy as one, two, three, fill it – spin it – dry it. You never have to adjust the brushes (they're pre-set at the right pressure). After three turns in the SPIN CLEAN record washing system, the dirt and the fingerprints are gone on both sides of the record along with the static. You not only see the SPIN CLEAN record washing system work, you can hear the difference in sound.

The Right Stuff

SPIN CLEAN record washing system looks and feels right. Its inconspicuous size (six inches wide by fifteen inches long and six inches high) no power requirements and best of all no installation necessary make it flexible and attractive. SPIN CLEAN record washing system's rich brown finish makes it a welcome addition to any stereo system. Each SPIN CLEAN record washing system comes with enough fluid to wash 700 records, two lint free drying cloths, owner registration and and parts order cards. The system itself contains the dual brush set and a pair of adjustable rollers (33-45-78) plus a set of directions on the inside of the lid. All of this is packed in an attractive storage box.

15 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Spin Clean Record Washing System

1. Spin Clean is the only record washing system on the market that is a “bath type” complete record cleaning system.

2. Spin Clean is the ultimate in record care, easy to use. Just spin the record two or three times in the Spin Clean record washing system, remove and wipe dry with the special lint-free cloth. Presto, it's clean.

3. Spin Clean leaves no residue on the record to build up and come off on your needle later.

4. Spin Clean removes the static from your record as it is cleaned.

5. Spin Clean removes fingerprints, grease, smoke, film and dirt from any size record: 45s, LPs & 78s.

6. Spin Clean is the only record washing system that has a special washer fluid that encapsulates the dirt and keeps the dirt suspended in the system instead of re-depositing it back onto the record.

7. Spin Clean record washing system comes with enough washer fluid to clean over 700 records (Spin Clean comes with enough washer fluid to fill the system 14 times. Each filling will clean up to 50 records just add 3 capfuls to water and go.)

8. Spin Clean is the most economical way to clean any record, less than a penny a record.

9. Spin Clean contains no alkalines, soap solutions or phosphates and is biodegradable.

10. Spin Clean is safe to use, easy on your hands, and it works with hard or soft water and warm or cold water.

11. Spin Clean does not leave any solutions on your record to evaporate and leave behind dirt deposits (you remove all the fluid when you dry the record).

12. Spin Clean extends the life of your records by removing dirt, thus reducing needle wear and keeping your records “like new” improving their sound.

13. Spin Clean was tested by a private laboratory and the results were remarkable. After Spin Clean had been used output sensitivity was substantially increased and channel separation was improved. Also, amplified record noise was reduced. (An STR 100 test record was used. Test report furnished on request).

14. Spin Clean has dual velvet brushes that gently and effectively remove dirt particles. No other system cleans both sides of the record at the same time.

15. Spin Clean uses no electric or other costly power source. For a few minutes of your time and very little money, Spin Clean will work for you. It's a sound investment to protect your investment in sound. No record collector can afford not to have the Spin Clean record washing system. It makes a perfect gift every time.

Record Washer MKII Standard Package Contents:
  • Spin Clean MKII Record Washer
  • 1 x 4oz bottle of cleaning concentrate
  • 1x pair of record brushes
  • 1x pair of rollers
  • 1x pair of drying cloths
  • Ratings & Reviews

    51 reviews



    If you don't have $500 to spend on a record cleaning machine, this little guy is the ticket. It is essential to clean both used and new records for sound quality. This simple little record cleaner does a fantastic job. I generally clean 20-30 records before changing out the fluid in the basin. Always clean newer records first, as older and grungier records will cause the water to get dingy much faster. I've cleaned my entire collection (250 albums/45s) with this. They sound terrific! For older records, I always spin 6 revolutions each way, then do some "scrubbing". I dry them with the supplied towels or with microfiber towels, then let them air dry in a dish drying rack for an hour or so. Then it's a mofi inner sleeve and back on the shelf. For the nasty/moldy records, a quick spray from the 91% alcohol/distilled water mix and a wipe with a microfiber cloth before the Spin Clean works well. I love this thing. Highly recommended. Thank you Needle Doctor for recommending it to me.

    Cal N


    I don't feel 5 stars is a high enough rating for this product! I purchased a Spin Clean yesterday and cleaned about 15 records with it. I am amazed with the improvement in clarity and depth that I am hearing. Highs are open and airy imaging and depth are greatly improved. One record I cleaned(History of America) was purchased in 1975 and I am amazed at how good it sounds. I highly recommend this product.

    Eric S


    I've used this unit now for a few cleaning sessions and the results are impressive. if you can't afford a vacuum system this is a good budget alternative. if you follow the instructions the results are very clean records. this is a tedious process and you should leave yourself a fair amount of space with a soft towel or such to lay your work out on because your work space gets wet quick. it's actually a pretty fun way to clean your records but it can get tedious after a while and your knees will be screaming if you do this on the floor. my one complaint is I think it is grossly overpriced but it certainly does leave your records clean.

    Stan W


    The Spin Clean system works really well, especially if the vinyl is well cared for or new. I find I'm using it a mostly on new vinyl as, after cleaning I find the records tend to stay clean and quiet for a lengthy period of time. In any case, the result after cleaning is a record that is almost completely silent, free of clicks and pops, and in at least one instance, I have been able to clean a new record that was otherwise unplayable (skipping) due to gunk to the point where it was absolutely silent after cleaning. The Spin Clean system definitely improves the listening experience - there is nothing quite like quiet vinyl - while it will obviously only improve a poorly-handled or damaged record, if the record is in decent shape to begin with, the results can be excellent.

    Richard M


    This little unit is all anyone needs . I have cleaned my 1000 plus collection . I also use the cleaning solution in my Lenco Clean when playing records wet, reduces static and lubes the stylus at the same time . ..

    Javier S


    I also rate this very highly. It is doing a great job of cleaning my long stored LPs as I get back into the hobby. I only tried a before and after with the first record and the difference was such, that now no record comes back "in service" before a bath. In fact the new ones are getting cleaned too. I recommend more than 2 drying cloths, not only because they'll be fairly wet after 5 or so cleanings (if you don't want to stop) but also because I'm finding that after 60 or so cleanings they are beginning to fray out their own lint. This little system is very manually involved, maybe not the best for the thousand record collections, but it's fun! Oustanding results for a very modest expense.

    Doug M.


    Great system for those on a budget, with a couple of caveats: (1) the literature says the brushes are good for ~3000 cleanings. I found that, by shining a flashlight between installed brushes used on ~1000 records that there was a significant gap (i.e., brush wear) resulting in less-than-optimal contact with the grooves. You will want to check your brush contact more frequently...new brushes when installed will not allow any light to pass through. (2) invest in a couple of 12"x12" good-microfiber cloths to use with the provided drying cloths. After allowing a clean record to drip-dry for a few minutes, use one micro-fiber as a mat for placing the clean record. Use the drying cloth on the other side. Place record in a dish rack to completely air-dry (5-10 min). (3) put your clean records in new anti-static inner-sleeves (I recommend Mo-Fi) after they are dry. I have cleaned my entire collection (about 1000 lps) with terrific results. This product is great for thrift-store trolls like me!



    Easy to use and effective. I've done my whole collection and the difference is amazing. The amount of dirt that this thing removed was amazing considering how I "thought" I was caring for my records. Make shure you get extra cloths and fluid if you have a lot of records to clean.



    Simple to use. Does an effective job. ¼ the price of other cleaning machines. I’m happy with my purchase. May want to consider buying additional Spin Clean dry-cleaning cloths. The standard MKII kit only comes with (2).

    Dave E


    after the first 20 or 30 LPs the rollers came apart but being the handy type I put them back together with a pin drill and tiny screws since then I have cleaned about 300 LPs and am very happy with the results if the rollers were one piece I would give it 5 stars and I do use distilled water for wash and rinse

    David C


    I have cleaned over 100 albums purchased from thrift stores with it. Most were filthy.This works great! My only complaint is the price. $80 bucks for a plastic tub, plastic rollers and a couple of brushes? But I guess it's a great value when compared to cleaning machines.



    This product works quite well. I had been manually scrubbing records, but it never did the job as well as this. It's easy to use, and does a great job. Highly recommended.

    Jay Moore


    I'll admit it; I've been a bit cheap. I didn't see the need to spend all kinds of money when I thought I could do just as good of a job on my own. After reading that every review was glowing or generally very positive, I took the plunge. I'm glad I did. This little machine does a remarkable records of getting the dirt and grime from your records. Most of my records were a static nightmare; and many of them having been purchased second-hand did not sound like they were in really good condition. One treatment in the Spin Clean and everything has changed. The amount of static on my records was reduced by about 90%; the no-fuss no-adjustment brushes scrub the record just enough to remove everything; but not enough to damage it. And the cleaning solution also keeps the particles suspended. That's right, no more breaking the dirt loose only to redeposit it back in another groove. This little machine is fantastic. I'll commonly throw a freshly cleaned LP on and enjoy it's nice smooth sound while cleaning the rest of my collection. Every LP that was absolutely filthy and worn sounding now has a added layer of crispness. It'll reduce static clicks; reduce the surface noise; and it just makes them sound on the whole; much cleaner. I've never been so impressed with such a simple device. I don't know how I lived without one. If you got vinyl, you need to clean it....for the life of the record, the life of your stylus, and to ensure some of the best sound you'll ever hear. Stop questioning if it's worth it; you're read this review, there's a bunch more positive reviews; and it didn't win all those awards and recommendations for nothing. Buy it, you'll be so happy you did; I know I am.

    Jorge Arroyo


    I´ve had on hand the best chanche to judge this sistem: a Russian made two LP box from 70´s haven´t been played for more than 20 years. So dirty that plastic sleeves were stickec to record !!!. I prewashed one and spin-cleaned the other as it was. Both were cleanned fantastically, maybe I will give the not prewashed a second bath. These are Verdi´s Requiem, 95% pianissimo. Pianíssimo usually means more noise than music ... not this time. I play this records and hardly note if the music already started. Spin Clean is surprinsingly good, and easy, and cheap. Unbelievable !!! we LP lovers finally have it, after ALL this years !!!!.

    Jason A


    I picked this up at Needle Doctor yesterday and I am definitely impressed. I recently purchased a used copy Led Zeppelin III. Aside from a little dust that I took off with a microfiber brush, it looked pretty good. It played okay, but the vinyl was sort of noisy, so I decided to try this out and it did a great job of getting rid of most of the pops and such. For the price, I think it's an excellent purchase for a vinyl collector.

    Jack Durrett II


    Very good cleaning until the pads dried up. They got so dry that the record touches them at a large angle thus cleaning only a small strip. Cleaning takes many, many turns to cover the whole record.

    Scot Bontrager


    Cleaned about 100 albums in 3 days with it. It does an excellent job. All of my records have been wet and dry brushed over the years, but this thing still manages to get A LOT of dirt off seemingly clean records. After about 20-25 records (clean ones, not coated in hippy-grime or DJ club funk) the water is brown and needs to be changed. Construction is much more stout than I was expecting. I expect this to last years and years. I'll need to order another bottle of fluid soon!

    Art Music Cinema


    I was a bit unsure about getting a record cleaner. I've tried a couple of different bottles with brushes and wasn't pleased. I can't believe how much dirt comes out of the grooves and stays at the bottom of the cleaning system. The records do come out sounding much better. You can't wash away the damage that is already there on used records, but it makes a HUGE difference. If you have a big collection it's worth it! The only thing I do differently is use a high quality, FINE, lint free cloth to wipe the records. The cloth that comes with it doesn't wipe them to my satisfaction.



    I collect vinyl, and this works great! The records sound five times better, and it gets about how many it says you should, before the water gets too dirty.



    this is a must have if you have no RCM. dont try all the stupid things you see on youtube and try and use dish soap and all that because it wont work as good. I know because I have tried them. buy this and then when you finish washing the recordand want to get even better sound, treat the record afterwards with some Gruv Glide™.

    Ed Fiandach


    I love it! I have cleaned about 500 albums so far and the results are truly dramatic. For grins I tries it on my first and oldest album, the Goldfinger soundtrack I bougt in 1966 and played aboul 100 times on not so good equipment. I really sounded new. I'd reccomend this product to any serious vinyl fan.



    Definitely worth it with a few caveats. Great at removing light dut and grime and static. Spinning them is easy, drying them without dripping on labels is an art. I wipe the exposed areas while its still suspended. Then remove the disc and wipe the remaining third of each side holding parallel to table. I agree you realy need 5 or more clothes. Two become saturated after 10-12 discs. The clothes snag easily on disc edges and shed. Some debris can be ground into grooves by the pads.



    Great Product. Even though the records I cleaned didn't really look dirty,I was amazed at how dirty and scummy the water was after about 30 records.



    Wonderful product and great value for the money. I have used tap water, but now use water from my Brita pitcher for fantastic results. Best money I've ever spent on an item geared to clean records. Improves the sound greatly, and completely eliminates static. Can't say enough good things about the Spin-Clean!!



    Works great and is worth every penny.