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Stanton D-6800 EEE MK III Stylus (Generic)

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V-Guard Protection Your Stanton Micro-Fluxvalve is epuipped with the patented replaceable VGUARD stylus assembly that protects your record and diamond as it plays. To remove the V-Guard simply grasp the plastic housing between the tips of the thumb and forefinger and pull gently. Although the stylus assembly is sturdily constructed, it is as vulnerable to phsical damge as any other precision instrument. Please handle it carefully when removing and replacing it. 681 EEE Mk II Technical Specifications: Frequency Response 10-22k Ind.Fac.Calib Output @ 1kHz: 0.7mV Channel Separation @ 1 kHz: 35dB Channel Balance @ 1 kHz: within 2dB Tracking Force: .75 to 1.5 grams Stylus Type: Elliptical Stylus Tip: .3x2.8 (8x71) DC Resistance: 1300 ohms Inductance: 930 mH Cartridge Weight: 6.3 grams Load Resistance: 47k Load Capacitance: 275pF Dynamic Compliance @10Hz Horiz/Vert. 25Um/mN

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Replaced the original stylus, this one seems a little less nuanced, but seemingly well balanced overall. Decent stylus for the $$. I got best sound around 1.25g tracking force on my SL1200 mk2.



tracking at 1 gm. w/o brush smooth sound, R/L extended,good sound separation, require critic setting 23/32 " cartridge hieght

Tom W.


Very comforting to listen to-not edgy, but thick and full sounding, plus it's upgradable with a "step-up" stylus.

Johnny Lonely


Great service, excellent product.

Larry A


Very smooth, unobtrusive sound.