Stanton D5127 Stylus

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78 Stylus For Cartridge: 500 Series, Stylus Type: 78RPM / 2.7 mil Elliptical V-Guard Protection Your Stanton Micro-Fluxvalve is epuipped with the patented replaceable VGUARD stylus assembly that protects your record and diamond as it plays. To remove the V-Guard simply grasp the plastic housing between the tips of the thumb and forefinger and pull gently. Although the stylus assembly is sturdily constructed, it is as vulnerable to phsical damge as any other precision instrument. Please handle it carefully when removing and replacing it. 78 RPM Stylus Information Stanton has had requests in the past for information regarding the correct styli to use for playback of older records. In an effort to answer these types of questions, we have developed the following recommendations: 33 and 45 RPM records: All Stanton cartridge and styli products can be used for playback of these records by using the standard 0.7 mil spherical, 0.4 x 0.7 mil or 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical styli supplied with the cartridge product. 78-RPM records: The 500, 600, and 800 series cartridges can be adapted to playback these records by the use of a 78-RPM replacement stylus. The replacement styli listed below are made for each family series of Stanton product and can be used in that specific family series, no matter the age of the cartridge. For 500 series cartridges D 5127 For 680 series of cartridges D 6827 For 880 series of cartridges D 827 These replacement 78-RPM styli may be obtained from your local Stanton dealer and will easily replace the current stylus in your cartridge body. You may have to increase your tracking pressure in order to keep the 78-RPM stylus in the record groove at the higher 78-RPM speed. This is because the older 78-RPM records vary in their groove width and pressing characteristics.

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...used that model stylus, many yrs. ago. on a STANTON 500 cart : probably the BEST combo for "78's", certainly MY favorite. The tip and , especially, the cantilever will withstand the necessary tracking weight. I ran it @ 5-6 gr.