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Sumiko Black Pearl Cartridge

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Sumiko Black Pearl Moving Magnet Cartridge

The Black Pearl is a moving magnet phono cartridge with alloy cantilever and bonded spherical stylus, 5.0 mV output.
  • Output: 5mV
  • Stylus Tip: Bonded spherical stylus
  • Cantilever: Alloy
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    This is probably the only cartridge on the market today that is supplied with a 0.5 mil stylus. This is ideal for those rare narrow-groove records such as flexi-discs, 45 rpms with more than 7 minutes per side, 16 rpm Seeburg Music Library records, and records made on dictating machines. Not everybody needs a stylus for playing this kind of material, but I do and the Sumiko Black Pearl is a godsend. It's very mid-rangey, but again, for ultra narrow-groove records, this is perfect.