Sumiko Blue Point No.2

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Sumiko Blue Point No.2

Offering exceptional performance and musicality at an affordable price the latest generation Blue Point No. 2 sets a new standard in its price class.

Audiophiles-and audio reviewers-were amazed by the sound of the original Blue Point high output moving coil phono cartridge.

Now we're pleased to introduce the new, improved Blue Point. "The inner workings are the same, but we improved the body to create better energy transfer between the cartridge and the tonearm," reports Sumiko Vice President Stirling Trayle. "The new Blue Point is faster and more detailed than the old one. It's sonically much closer to the Blue Point Special."

Blue Point is a high output cartridge which can be used with nearly any preamp or receiver phono stage. The Blue Point tracks superbly with almost any tonearm. Blue Point offers exceptional detail, dynamics, and wonderful bass. You'll love it!
  • High output moving coil phono cartridge
  • 0.3mm by 0.7 mm elliptical diamond stylus
  • Technical:
  • Cartridge Type MC
  • Frequency Response 15Hz-35KHz
  • Output Voltage/Channel 2.5mV
  • Channel Separation 32dB
  • Channel Balance 0.5dB
  • Compliance (x10-6 cm/dyne) 15
  • Stylus Size/Shape .3x.7/Elliptical
  • Load Impedance 47k Ohms
  • Tracking Force Range 1.6-2.0 grams
  • Recommended Force 1.8 grams
  • Cartridge Weight 6.3 grams
  • Ratings & Reviews

    6 reviews



    It's ruled the roost for budget MC cartridges since the early '90's. My first one is STILL going strong. Channel Separation, balance, dynamics, it's a darn tough cartridge to beat at twice the price.

    Andy Orr


    These are the OEM carts on the McIntosh MT-5 turntables so, that should speak volumes for their quality and consistency. I am the proud owner of that TT and am generally pleased with the No. 2 however, I've found it struggles with complex passages. On Robert Plant's new record, the No. 2 just couldn't dig deep enough on sections with chorused voices, banjo, sitar, drum, tabla, lead vocal and bass all going at once. I also found that on older pressings, the No. 2 was much noisier than carts costing just a few dollars more. If you're considering this cartridge and can hold out for a few more bucks, I've found the Sumiko Evo III and the slightly more round sounding Dynavector 10X5 to be superior HOMC carts in somewhat the same price range. But again, who am to argue with the ears at McIntosh? ;-)



    I have owned two of these and liked them very much in terms of tracking ability and staging. But in regards to tonal accuracy it has a recognizable and slight upper midrange emphasis. My Denon DL-110 is free from this emphasis, tracks high level and inner grooves admirably, and projects great staging. The DL-110 is better and costs a fraction of the Blue Point 2.

    Buzz H


    first review....I'm going 4 stars because at 400 bucks I am sure just about everyone who has spent more money than this will say theirs is better (and probably right). what I can tell you is that I upgraded to blue point #2 from stock MM cartridge with my clearaudio concept table....that MM cartridge is regarded pretty well from what I have read, but the blue point #2 blows it up. Every record i am listening to now is like hearing it new again. Black keys rubber factory is a completly different experience hearing the drums so much better. Vocals are extremly clear now...just popped on Songs from Big Pink and it kinda blew my mind. i honestly can say I am sticking with the blue point for a long time now. Im loving it. I just wish I had bought this earlier.

    Chris f


    Just purchased one of these Bluepoint II cartridges and I have fallen in love with it already,

    It is improving with each hours use and sounds so sweet and musical. I'm tacking it at 1.8 g in a project Carbon Fibre tone arm on my old Townshend Rock elite and it seems very happy .

    The imaging is almost holographic, close your eyes and it takes you there. I just cant believe how much better it sounds than my old Supex 900E.

    Trust me its a real treat.



    Great sounding cart, especially for the money. The build quality is good. It looks cheap, but it sounds great. It's not boring, and it's not hyped up either. Kinda like a "workhorse" cart. Solid performance. It's my backup to my Lyra Delos.