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Sumiko Moonstone Phono Cartridge

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Sumiko's Top Elliptical-Tipped Moving Magnet

The Moonstone is an affordable high-performance moving magnet cartridge that utilizes the powerful mechanically-generated electromotive forces of the moving magnet to help give your playback extra punch and convincing realism. Exceptionally well-balanced and dimensionally dense, the breathtaking dynamics of the Moonstone outperform many comparably priced moving coil cartridges without requiring the huge investment in preamplification.
  • Type: Moving magnet
  • Stylus: 0.3µM x 0.7µM elliptical
  • Cantilever:⌀0.5mm aluminum
  • Wire: copper
  • Internal impedance: 1,130Ω
  • Load: 47KΩ
  • Frequency response: 12Hz - 33kHz
  • Output: 3mV @ 1kHz
  • Channel separation: 30dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel balance: 0.5dB @ 1kHz
  • Compliance: 12x10-6 cm/dyn @ 100hZ
  • Recommended load capacitance: 100pF - 200pF
  • VTA: 20°
  • VTF: 1.8g - 2.2g
  • Recommended VTF: 2.0g
  • Mass: 6.5g
  • Replacement stylus: RS Moonstone, RS Rainier, RS Olympia
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    Great value


    Took a chance on this for my second system. Nice cartridge for the $. Good separation, quiet background and places instruments where they're supposed to be. 5 Stars based on price to performance criteria.

    My new Japanese love, Sumiko.


    Been playing it a lot for the past 2 weeks. This replaces a Nagaoka MP110 on a NAD C558. I replaced it because I was curious. Just how good does a $300 cart sound. I noticed more detail and certain albums just make me go, WOW I never heard that before. Sounds like it is a little more dynamic than the Nagaoka. Maybe not $200 worth, but a definite step up. Still worth 5 stars. Give this some time to run in, at first I was skeptical. It was easy to mount and set up. Comes with screws and allen wrench. Love the threaded inserts, no little nuts to lose. Stylus brush included as well. It all comes in a stinky little wood box.