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Ultimate Analogue Test LP

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Analogue Productions Set Out to Produce the Ultimate Test Record

We’ve consulted many experts in the field, including mastering engineers, audio experts, turntable experts and audiophile listeners, to create a test record that's never been made before. When Barry Wolifson from Sterling Sound in New York City called us with the same idea we had been thinking about – that being to create the ultimate test record – he and our audio expert Clark Williams began to brainstorm and research ideas until they were both completely satisfied with what should go on the record.

Most of the test records in the past have been made to test a variety of equipment. This test record excludes silly cannon shots, typewriters, voices on one channel and other useless fluff. This one specifically addresses your turntable and cartridge. It’s designed to provide the basic test signals necessary to calibrate a turntable or cutting lathe as simply as possible. Most of the signals have specific implications, but it is certainly possible to use them in any number of novel ways.

This record was mastered and cut on a Neumann VMS 80 lathe at Sterling Sound and pressed at Record Technology, Inc. on high-quality, 180-gram virgin vinyl.

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3 reviews

Chris Muth


Yes, TRobb and Lou are correct. I'm the guy who put George Marino's mastering room together. We worked very hard to make this record fantastic. There was a bad run of these records. We thought Chad got them all out of circulation but he must have missed some of them. Sorry TRobb!



The previous reviewer must have received a bad copy. I have this exact setup record and it has been hands down the best $40 I've ever put into my system. It truly unlocked the full audiophile capabilities that a professional system is capable of when setup properly. Highly recommended.



Warped, off-center, worthless. It's a shame because George Marino (RIP), who worked on this, was one of the absolute best mastering engineers in our industry. Either "Analog Productions" or "QualityRecordPressings.com" have botched what should have been a precision product. Also, the label for the record (as well as advertising descriptions) describe frequency "sweeps" which are actually a series of discrete stationary tones and not what are professionally referred to as sweeps.