Vibrapod Cone

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  • Double Truncated Vinyl Cone
  • 3/8" Chrome Stationary Ball (it doesn't roll)
  • Balls are user replaceable. (McMASTER-CARR has various types.)
  • 1" tall, 1 5/8" Diameter
  • Up to 6 lbs optimal weight handling per cone
  • 10 lbs Maximum Weight Each
  • Designed to work both in concert with Vibrapods or by themselves.

    Great for:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • DSS Receivers
  • DAC's
  • Pre amps
  • Amplifiers
  • Integrated's
  • Turntables
  • Speakers Vibration Isolation Improves
  • Bass Definition And Depth
  • Dynamics
  • Imaging
  • Detail Resolution
  • Ambiance
  • Clarity
  • Soundstage
  • Video Images Vibrapod Specifications Recommended Weight (EACH VIBRAPOD) lbs and kg, Weight Range (EACH VIBRAPOD), Suggested Uses Vibrapod Cone Intalation and For Tweakers A Larger BallVibrapod Magazine Reviews Reviews from magazines around the world. Vibrapod Testimonials Customer Remarks All Models are 9/16" Tall and 2 7/16" Diameter with a Temperature Range of 50°F To 100°F. What they say: "What was really telling in my going back and forth from cones to Pods was that, when the Pods were on duty, I would forget what I was doing and just sit there listening. Doesn't that say it all?" Bruce Kennett, Listener Magazine, Autumn 1998 Forget all that stupid voodoo-science others may have told you and test drive a set of Vibrapod Isolators: your ears will definitely thank you. Lucio Cadeddu, TNT-Audio - Internet HiFi magazine, January, 1999 Synergizers, this is simply the single most significant tweak I've run across -- hands down. Greg Weaver, SoundStage!, January, 1999 Short of a complete megabuck overhaul, I have never heard (or heard of), anything that got that kind of overwhelming, dramatic improvement! Anna Logg, the absolute sound, Issue 118, June/July 1999 Review "It's hard to beat the cost/performance benefit provided by the Vibrapod isolation feet, seen nearly everywhere this year." Shannon Dickson, Stereophile, May 1999 (Vol.22 No.5) Stereophile Recomended Component Vol. 23 No. 10
    NOTE: (VIBRAPOD Isolators may leave rings on woods, acrylics, and painted surfaces. They may also disolve the paint, especially if it is lacquer. To protect these surfaces and your equipment please use BAR COASTERS or PLAYING CARDS between the VIBRAPOD Isolators and these surfaces. AOL Discs work well too :)
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    Donald Scarinci


    Try these on your cable TV box and see the difference in the picture quality yourself. Then make your own decision about whether your need something more expensive for your audio components. For more see



    absolutely the cheapest and most noticable tweek... WORTH IT.



    Good upgrade to my Pro-Ject Carbon. Used on a sub base and is quite effective.



    I'm a skeptic by nature, but this inexpensive tweak really works if you want to tighten the overall sound of your system. Money well spent.



    This tweak really tightens bass and improves overall clarity at a great price. All of my friends now use them too.



    excellent tweak ,,does the job without paying some ridiculous price