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Vibrapod Isolation Feet

5 Reviews

Vibrapod® Isolators offer horizontal and vertical vibration isolation which improves;
  • Bass Definition and Depth
  • Dynamics
  • Imaging
  • Detail Resolution
  • Ambience
  • Clarity
  • Sound Stage
  • Video Images
  • All models are 9/16" tall and 2 7/16" in diameter. See chart below for choosing which model to get based on the weight of the component you are trying to isolate in pounds. Sold Individually Supporting Weight In Pounds Per Foot:

    Model 1: 2-3
    Model 2: 4-8
    Model 3: 8-12
    Model 4: 14-18
    Model 5: 22-28

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    Simply amazing product. For $6 how could you go wrong? Honestly you can spend a fortune on dampening products and honestly these are better than some of the really expensive stuff I have used. If you have no dampening under your equipment you should stop being cheap and shell out the $6 it costs to resolve that issue so stop being a cheapskate and take the plunge.



    Good isolation of my NAD CD player...noticeable improvement.



    The absolute least amount of dampening needed to make a system resistant to vibrations. It is perfectly suited for CD transports and amplifiers if they are not in direct line of fire from your loudspeakers. At the price they are hard to beat.

    Ron S. Vancouver, WA


    Replaced 4 well worn rubber feet on my Sony PST1 (direct drive) TT with 3 #4 Vibrapod feet (2 in front 1 in rear center). The isolation is better than when the TT was new. A huge improvement in play performance in terms of skipping and feedback. Bought 3 more feet to restore a 2nd Sony PST1 with great results. A great product!!



    I bought 8 Vibrapods a while ago, and since have noticed improvement on Laserdisc picture quality. a great simple adition to my system!