Jerry Raskin was an entrepreneur from an early age. Using money he’d saved from his quarter-a-week allowance, he bought suckers and bubblegum by the case and sold them for five times what they cost him. By high school, Jerry had expanded into the used tire business. He and a friend collected old tires from gas stations and sold them to recycling centers. Later, while taking a college course in music appreciation at the University of Minnesota, Jerry decided he needed a good stereo system for himself, but he couldn’t find a deal that he liked. He scraped together all of his money, a grand total of fifteen dollars, to purchase a dozen cheap cassette tapes. In 1979, Jerry took to the streets of the campus to sell them. And sell them he did. Soon his tapes sales were reaching the hundreds. After three months of hawking tapes on the street, the young entrepreneur purchased three stereo systems. When those started moving, he invested his tape profits in more inventory. Before long he was running a full-blown stereo equipment business out of the basement of his parents’ home.

From Jerry’s humble beginnings to now, his core business principle has always been the same: to make customers happy. For nearly 40 years, Jerry Raskin’s Needle Doctor has prided itself on providing first-rate service. From the budding audiophile on a budget to the seasoned Hi-Fi veteran, we always strive to give our customers the audio experience that's right for them. Give us a call today to become one of our many satisfied customers.

Happy Listening,

The Needle Doctor Team